Plone Products

Full list of Plone Products developed and maintained by Quintagroup.

Quintagroup develops, supports and maintains the following add-on products for Plone. Some of them are continuously developed to gain new features, get more functionality and be up-to-date with the upcoming Plone versions. Some of them are no longer supported since they were originally developed for earlier Plone versions. Here on projects.quintagroup there is our older code, see also the matrix of build statuses of supported software. Visit Github to get more detailed information on our newer achievements, some of which are tested with Travis-CI.

Plone Products for Plone 5

  • collective.portlet.ngcollection
    This package extends plone collection portlet in order to allow assigning different views for each newly created portlet through its edit form.
  • quintagroup.slidertemplates
    Plone product that adds new responsive views for NG Collection portlet via several templates: Carousel, Shelf, Vertical and Horizontal Tabs, qgCarousel, and contentSlider.

Plone Products for Plone 4

The following are currently-supported Quintagroup Plone Products that work with the latest Plone 4 version.

  • collective.easyform
    Plone product that enables creation of custom forms using dexterity.
  • quintagroup.substyle
    Plone product that adds styles for site subsections.Several Plone themes developed by Quintagroup feature different color schemes that can be set not only for the whole website, but also for any of its subsections. For the themes that do not include color schemes out of the box you can add styles for site subsections manually.
  • quintagroup.slidertemplates
    Plone product that adds new responsive views for NG Collection portlet via several templates: Carousel, Shelf, Vertical and Horizontal Tabs, qgCarousel, and contentSlider.
  • quintagroup.megamenu
    Plone add-on that offers fully responsive Mega Drop-Down Menu solution for Plone using panels in portal top of first-level folders as megamenu for appropriate navigation tabs
  • quintagroup.dropdownmenu
    Plone product that allows to build multilevel portal drop-down menu based on portal content structure or manually set menu items via nested portal_actions categories inside portal_tab category.
    Plone integrated web application that places a pop-up message asking your visitors to add your website to the home screen, completely customizable.
  • collective.embedly
    Plone package that provides TinyMCE visual editor support for service, it allows to insert videos, images and other rich media files to Plone from different services, such as YouTube,, etc.
  • quintagroup.seoptimizer
    Package for Plone that allows per document editing of META tags (HTML Title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots tags, etc.), thus enhancing search engine visibility of Plone sites.
  • Plone Captchas
    • quintagroup.plonecaptchas
      Simple captchas implementation for Plone, designed for validating human input in insecure forms.
    • quintagroup.captcha.core
      Core package of captchas for Plone that allows to configure captchas on a Plone site. This product works together with other Quintagroup captchas products.
    • quintagroup.formlib.captcha
      Package that allows to add captcha to zope.formlib.
  • quintagroup.pfg.captcha
    Package that allows to add captcha field to the PloneFormGen forms. As a result, forms are prevented from automatic submit.
  • quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps
    Package that helps Plone websites get better visibility for Google search engine by providing it with complete listing of URLs to website content. Includes content, news, and mobile Sitemaps.
    Statistic information about Plone site presented in few content stats views of Plone content workflow states, ownership and portlets registered on different contexts.
  • quintagroup.canonicalpath
    Package that brings canonical path calculation functionality to Plone: allows to define path and/or link to the object, which may differ from standard physical path or its URL in portal.
  • collective.referencedatagridfield
    Mix of Reference and DataGrid fields for Plone. This is a sophisticated reference field with its own widget for adding and deleting references for both internal and external resources.
  • quintagroup.portlet.cumulus
    Adds tag cloud portlet to Plone site. Plone site's tags/keywords are displayed using a Flash movie rotating them in 3D.
  • collective.portlet.ngcollection
    This package extends plone collection portlet in order to allow assigning different views for each newly created portlet through its edit form.
  • quintagroup.transmogrifier
    Plone Migration Tool that includes Plone blueprints for collective.transmogrifier pipelines that can be used to export/import Plone site content.
  • quintagroup.plonecomments
    Plone product that improves moderation of comments in Plone.
  • quintagroup.plonetabs
    Package that allows to usable managing of portal_action items via Plone Control Panel.
  • quintagroup.portlet.static
    Adds stylished static text portlets to your Plone site. Static Stylish Text portlets are usual Plone Static Text portlets with certain HTML classes assigned.
  • quintagroup.catalogupdater
    Package for controlled ZCatalog object updating. It is intended for extending ZCatalog API with possibility to update selected columns only. This package registers 'catalog_updater' utility for that.
  • Alternative Plone Themes
    With our Plone skins and themes you will be able to change standard Plone theme to the one, developed by Quintagroup.
  • collective.clipboardupload
    You will be able to insert images into visual editor without the need to upload them to the site.
  • collective.portlet.shelf
    It is portlet for Plone 4 that allows to display Collection's results in a carousel portlet browsing them by subcollections.

Plone Products that work with Plone 3

The following are Quintagroup Plone Products which apply to Plone 3 version.

  • quintagroup.z3cform.captcha
    Package that allows to add captcha to z3c.form.
  • qPloneDropDownMenu
    Plone product that allows to manage multilevel drop-down menus in Plone. Drop-down menu implemented by Plone Drop Down Menu product is search-engine friendly.
  • quintagroup.pingtool
    Simple tool to enable pinging of external feed aggregators.
  • qPloneThemantic
    Plone Products that adds semantic mark-up, based on Plone Tableless, used in Plone 2.5. This product doesn't change default Plone look, but gives a possibility to begin new theme development in a file system.
  • qSiloGroup
    Plone product that makes it possible to generate navigation menu titles (different from those that are generated on the basis of folder and page titles), hide them or make visible.
  • quintagroup.dummylocking
    This package turns off Plone locking right after installation. It overrides standard locking adapter with the one that does nothing.
  • quintagroup.ploneformgen.readonlystringfield
    Adds Readonly String Field to PloneFormGen forms.
  • quintagroup.portletmanager.footer
    Adds additional portlet manager in the page footer.
  • quintagroup.portlet.generichtml
    Adds tag static portlet without HTML filtering, e.g. javascripts codes on different site pages, or google adsence code.
  • quintagroup.themetemplate
    Enhanced 'Plone 3 Theme' template from Zopeskel, that includes addcontent local command, which allows you to extend base Plone theme by additional elements, such as: skin layers, portlets, viewlets, css and js resources, and objects in zexp files.

Outdated Plone Products

The following are no longer supported Quintagroup Plone Products: they apply to Plone versions up to 3.

  • qPloneCaptchaField
    Adds captcha field to PloneFormGen forms. As a result, forms are prevented from automatic submit.
  • qDiscussionModeration
    Enables moderation of CMF Discussion Items: admin receives email notifications about new comment - can delete or publish it.
  • qPloneBlog
    Based on SimpleBlog product, it is enhanced with 'ping' abilities, RSS2 support altogether with audio and video enclosures, TrackBacks, Technorati tags.
  • qPloneClickTrackingTool
    Tool that aims to assist in tracking advertisement campaigns on Plone websites. It allows to track clicks of visitors. Actual statistics calculation is performed by external log analysers.
  • qPloneEpydoc
    Plone products that allows to generate API documentation for any product that is on your Plone site.
  • qPloneGoogleMaps
    Google Maps view product for the Plone CMS which enables integration of Google Maps into Plone sites.
  • qPloneResolveUID
    Replaces existing Kupu resolve uids with real urls usable for visitors and search engines. ResolveUID is a very powerfull tool to prevent broken links in Plone based sites.
  • qPloneSkinDump
    Product that allows to create Plone product based on some ZMI located skin folder (e.g. "custom") from portal_skins.
  • qPloneSMS
    Bundle that provides a tool and sample content type. This solution allows Plone sites to send SMSes via XIAM gateways of Cellular operators directly to cellphones.
  • qPloneEditorGroup
    Allows to add new Editors user group and new Editor role.
  • qPloneSoftware
    Developed for Zope/Plone products directory, this product brings rich functionality for thorough products directory management.
  • qRSS2Syndication
    Adds RSS2 functionality to Plone, including audio and video feeds support: allows the syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.0 with enclosures.
  • qSiloBreadcrumbs
    Allows to customize default breadcrumbs titles by setting different silo titles from existing object titles.
  • qVarbreadcrumbs
    Allows customizing breadcrumbs to your needs by replacing standard way of breadcrumbs generation by a different one.

You can order products customization or their implementation on your website. Also, you can order the development of desired Plone Product for your site. For these or any other requests please contact us.

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