About us

We are Python, JavaScript, and DevOps professionals with expertise in eProcurement, eAuctions, eCommerce, and custom web development.

Who are we?

Quintaqroup is a web software solutions company working in Python development on the international market since 2003. Our current activity is tightly connected with Open Procurement implementation in both commercial and public sectors. Our business portfolio runs deep and wide, providing a clear proof of our many capabilities in Python programming, with deep expertise in public procurement featured in ProZorro, ProZorro.Sale and MTender projects as well as Plone CMS Solutions implemented in the most recent projects such as Arkus and PolicyTracker.

We provide a full cycle of software development utilizing Python programming language starting with project assessment and design, up to deployment and implementation, creating front-rank customizable solutions for the sake of implementation of your boldest and most extraordinary ideas.

From building Plone websites to developing custom Python software Quintagroup follows a zealous approach coupled with clarity of thought for your business processes. We provide the technical skill, accountability and industry knowledge needed to deliver custom Python applications on time and on budget.

The world of software and web is evolving in a real-time environment, that is why we invest heavily in updating our development skills and technology expertise in Python, Plone CMS, Django, HTML/CSS. Our mission is the popularization of the open source software.

What do we do?

Digital transformation in Procurement with Python-based OpenProcurement Solutions

Do you want your business to stay competitive and up-to-date? We offer you to follow the global cultural change and advance your business by making a fundamental difference to the way your company operates and delivers value to customers.

Business-to-business, business-to-consumer or business-to-government relations in procurement for big companies are taken to a new level by means of digital transformation employing open source Python-based OpenProcurement solutions:

  • open up a new unique way of procurement that is based on hybrid electronic open source system enabling the efficient transmission of information among the platforms through the central database
  • find your potential purchaser or supplier easily by utilizing an approachable customer data network where the participating commercial platforms contribute regularly
  • enjoy the benefits of fair competition due to our transparency-enhancing system model (following the principles of ProZorro public procurement system)
  • discover the power of the “Golden triangle of partnership” as a new and unique form of collaboration of businesses, state and civil society in public procurement that ensures mutual control
  • stay organized and well-prepared for your deals owing to Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) employed in the system
  • avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape by exchanging documentation and signing agreements electronically
  • prevent your authorization data from being saved and used by anyone in any possible way
  • don’t worry about compatibility - despite the fact that our software is written in Python, the system can interoperate with any web platform written in any programming language or having any technology specifications
  • feel free to conduct as many procedures as you wish due to the system’s impressive capability

Design and UX

Beautiful Python software with an attitude is what we specialize in. Sometimes design agencies are too great at giving you a look and feel that will make most Python developers groan because the implementation is too complex, borderline impossible. We're different because our team includes designers and front-end developers that implement our custom designs. Otherwise, we provide a dedicated team to turn that surreal design into your reality.

Mobile Solutions

You may ask yourself, do I need mobile? And the answer is … yes - everyone does mobile these days. Each day mobile usage is coming closer to overpowering PC’s. That's why our development teams are experts in HTML5, responsive design, mobile application development.

Plone & Python Development

The most attractive features of Plone such as the possibility to use a variety of flexible workflows, constantly reported high-security levels, broad usability, and accessibility of interface, built-in SEO and many other benefits, coupled with our deep and long-standing experience in the matter, will provide you with the best-expected outcomes.

What Do You Get?

Our team of highly qualified Python developers is unrivaled and we offer an essential innovation for big business in the global market. With Quintagroup as your IT service provider, you are guaranteed to get:

  • Fast Delivery Time
    A proficient team of front-end and Python developers that uses a client-tailored methodology to deliver solutions to customers faster.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
    Done right, an outsourced Python development service will always be more cost-effective and will not deplete your budget.
  • Peace of Mind
    Quintagroup work is transparent and diligent, hand-in-hand with customers, we get it done right, no hidden agenda.

We will be happy to understand your business needs or pain area and transform that into a business proposition unlocking value for what you do ... Get to know us... we are sure there is a success opportunity waiting.

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