Exceeding OpenERP: Odoo with Python

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is a suite of open source business Python apps that help in managing businesses and organizations using CMS, a fully-functional eCommerce, a Business Intelligence engine, etc.

Odoo ERP solutionOdoo is a suite of open source business apps that help in managing businesses and organizations. Formerly it was called OpenERP and was an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provided an accomplished, integrated ERP solution. Odoo aims at conquering new territories and widening its functionality. Grow sales, run operations, organize marketing activities, boost productivity and empower human resources - all with Odoo. As well as OpenERP, Odoo is written in Python. It is easy and lightweight software that offers a fully integrated set of apps and takes care of everything from front to back end.

Odoo is a leading business application software editor. It includes 30 main applications supported by the editor and more than 3000 applications for various business areas. Odoo also provides an open source CMS, a fully-functional eCommerce and a Business Intelligence engine. It gathered all business needs from sales and accounting to manufacturing and recruitment in one place. No other software product has such a level of integration out-of-the-box.

Build awesome websites with Odoo

It is easy to create an amazing enterprise website using Odoo CMS even with no technical knowledge. Odoo’s unique 'edit inline' approach and building blocks make building and customizing websites from scratch very easy. Blogging and e-commerce functionality is enclosed out-of-the-box. Increase your online sales and simplify organizing process with well-designed product pages, built-in invoicing and accounting, integrated inventory management and clean checkout process.

Odoo makes everything to improve your sales productivity and revenue with CRM, Quote Builder, Point of Sales, mass mailing, Lead Automation, Survey, flexible price lists, product multi-variants, multiple stores, etc.

Run business with Odoo

Special attention is paid to business operation running. Project Management will take care of managing your tasks and projects, collaborative work, timesheets, issues tracking, etc. Odoo also can settle billing and accounting by providing tools to integrate bookkeeping with all other operations, create invoices and bill timesheets, as well as those to analyze your sales and marketing strategy. Manage warehouse, manufacturing, and purchase with Odoo apps.

Take care of marketing with Odoo

Odoo allows designing email campaigns - to engage customers, chatting in live chats - to support and talk with visitors directly, building surveys - to raise high quality insights, creating events - to attract customers, launching lead automation campaigns - to track leads and performance, building communities - to promote services with Q&A, forums, etc.

Manage HR with Odoo

With Odoo apps you can manage your HR operations easily: knowledge sharing, employees directory, appraisals, timesheets, expenses tracking, contracts, payroll, etc. It is convenient to manage attendance, holidays, legal leaves and sick days. Recruitment system is also improved. Odoo provides apps to organize job board, post job offers, promote them and keep track of application submissions. By building up a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents it is easy to follow every applicant.

Improve productivity with Odoo

Business Intelligence app brings structure and insight to your business analytics. Odoo provides an easy way to view the statistics about all important data. It also includes the heat map, that will help to understand statistical information and track the progress of all projects, reports, invoices, and other activities.

Share ideas and collaborate or create personal to-do lists, organize groups of discussions with chatting and instant messaging tools to communicate and efficiently improve productivity. Additionally Odoo offers opportunity to integrate any external software with Odoo apps in an easy and simple way.

Grow your business with Odoo

Odoo has app for any case and need. Integration and management has never been so easy. Odoo's set of easy-to-use business applications form a complete suite that is full featured, tightly integrated, runs smoothly, and upgrades seamlessly. To receive more information visit odoo.com.

Alternatives: Tryton, ERPNext.

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