How we work

We have a clear commitment to the requirements of our clients.

Being a trusted partner to our clients, we endeavor to make the process of development as clear as day so there won’t be any confusion and misunderstanding. Building a full lifecycle of software development keeps us in line with the slightest niceties of your project. Choosing Quintagroup, you will receive a complete package of custom solutions that will suit your specific business needs.

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We pay attention to the smallest details in order to achieve a comprehensive vision that combines your objectives with our technological solutions. We will begin our cooperation with the arrangement of an introductory meeting. This meeting will allow us to dive deep into the nuances of your projects, its pitfalls, and streams. And you will be able to ask as many questions as needed so as to be sure that we are the company you looked for.

Are you a Startup?

Are you an Enterprise or Government institution?

Do you have an issue? We are your solution!

Quintagroup will conduct profound research to minimize the risks and after that bring your idea to life.

Our team will generate ideas for new products, build business processes and implement software solutions.

Believe us, choosing Quintagroup as a reliable partner for tackling your business issue will make it worth your while.

Business analysis

We strive to come up with the most suitable models, processes and methods for accomplishing custom-tailored software solutions that will boost the superiority of your brand.

  • Requirements analysis

We conduct an in-depth exploration of the fundamentals of your future project. Our business analysts will co-operate with you to determine precise requirements and make sure that they are clear, consistent and unambiguous for both parties.

  • Prototyping

To make your vision more real, our team of business analysts and UI/UX designers will outline future functionality and design for the sake of building a pre-production mock-up.

  • Product Concept

In order to achieve a maximum result, our business analysts will help you understand the market and target users of the desired project. Product concept is composed of a basic understanding of the dynamics of your project to demonstrate the best properties and features of the product that spark the interest of a potential client.

  • Architecture Concept

When it comes to the description of the product architecture, Quintagroup will provide you with an explanation of all architectural decisions and details that are essential to determine the complexity, define the project physical structure, and describe interoperability with other systems.

  • Estimate

At your request, we will prepare an approximation of what your project will cost. Estimate also includes project scope, so you have a good understanding of what the services entail, timelines and deadlines, and other specific terms that should be known for both parties before the beginning of work.

Development and Quality Assurance

Processes like programming, testing, and bugs fixing of your desired product occur in parallels with one another. In order to achieve a seamless deployment, our technicians use tested industry practices of development and automated testing. To yield fast and robust software development and deployment, our team of highly qualified professionals implements Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) processes within the DevOps SDLC methodology, ensuring rapid and secure software release at any time. We also deliver tremendous value to proper installation, configuration, and final performance.

Maintenance and support

We know that our work is not done once the project is launched. We will make sure that our product is kept up-to-date and suggest useful improvements and optimization steps. We will leave no stone unturned in exceeding your expectations.

Cooperation models


As the head of a dedicated team you will be able to:

  • review CV or conduct interviews
  • measure the skills of your future employeesicon_1.png
  • choose team members and the seize of involvement of each of the candidate

And we are responsible for:

  • HR services
  • effective cooperation

FIXED PRICEicon_2.png

  • The price and scope is unchangeable
  • The deadlines and scope are settled before the project launching
  • Minimal risks
  • Works well for the projects with clear requirements


  • Suitable for the projects with unclear requirements and frequent changes


  • Pricing is done on the agreed rate per hour
  • You can adjust the number of team members according to the conditions

But as we all know, it all starts with a conversation. Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can help you receive a fresh digital project or experience and get things done.

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