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An extensive description of modern technologies applied by Quintagroup.

Quintagroup offers a wide range of services based on effective and high-quality open source technologies. We are interested in providing our clients with the most up-to-date web solutions to ensure the stability of their success. Our substantial Knowledge Base given next is constantly expanding to keep up with the state-of-the-art innovative technologies designed to meet the requirements of all types of customers. Read more to find out about Plone Open Source СMS, Python and Zope and we will help you implement your ideas with these open source systems:


  • Python - main features of Python programming language, its peculiarities, and historical background.
  • Django - high-level Python web framework for building robust applications with pragmatic design.
  • Simple programs written in Python
  • Python development services
  • Python Unit Testing - find out how to run Python unit tests with Python unittest, doctest and nose frameworks, learn the best practices and techniques to perform unit testing on your Python applications
  • Robot Framework - keyword-driven test automation tool, written in Python
  • How to migrate form Python 2 to Python 3
  • Python e-Commerce Systems - technical comparison of Python-based e-commerce systems: PloneGetPaid, EasyShop, Lightning Fast Shop, Satchmo, Perfect Sale, Cartridge
  • Python at Google - Python as an official language at Google. Python usage on Google various applications.
  • Kivy - a framework for the rapid development of cross-platform mobile applications and GUI.
  • Pinax - Django-based platform for rapid website development
  • Mezzanine - CMS for blogging
  • Mayan EDMS - software for managing electronic documents
  • Armstrong - Django-based platform for publishing news
  • Pyramid - Python web framework for application development
  • Tornado - powerful Python-based web server
  • Plone Python
  • Python Web Development with Django web framework


  • HTML5 - builds powerful and rich websites and applications
  • JSON - data-interchange format
  • Sass - powerful and feature-rich extension for CSS that helps to create and maintain clean and reusable code.
  • Less - helps to write cleaner and more agile code, optimizes it and extends CSS with dynamic properties.
  • OAuth - authorization protocol that provides a simple method of secure data exchange between services without sharing credentials.
  • PageSpeed - a tool that speeds up websites, reduces the page load time, improves web page latency and bandwidth usage by applying best performance practices
  • Camunda is an open source platform for business process automatization. It contains Workflow / DMN / CMMN Engine accessible to the users through REST/API interaction with web interface.
  • Kubernetes, K8s for short, is an open-source container orchestration technology that lets users create, scale, and handle their complex lifecycles and associated technologies.


  • JavaScript is a structured and dynamic scripting language for web pages
  • Backbone.js - your solution for organizing JavaScript-based apps
  • JQuery is a lightweight, fast and rich JavaScript library
  • Angular.js - helps to build dynamic apps
  • CanJS - client-side framework
  • Ember.js - builds single-page web applications
  • Spine.js - for client-side web application development
  • SproutCore - adds desktop-like richness to the web applications
  • Meteor.js gives means to build sophisticated and dynamic web applications.
  • PhantomJS - a headless WebKit that provides quick and native support for several web standards.
  • Raphaël - rather small cross-browser JavaScript library that aims at making work with vector graphics on the web easier.
  • GruntJS is a JavaScript-based command line build tool that helps to automate repetitive tasks.
  • MathJax - a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers, using MathML, LaTeX and ASCIIMathML markup. There is also MathJax integration for Plone - collective.mathjax.
  • Leaflet – a lightweight and powerful open-source JavaScript library for creating mobile-friendly interactive maps. Leaflet mapping resources can be integrated into Plone using collective.js.leaflet add-on.
  • Node.js - a development framework for scalable server-side applications.
  • Wiki.js theme customization with Node.js and Vue.js
  • Nest.js - a framework for creating effective, scalable Node.js web applications 
  • Nuxt.js - JavaScript library built on Vue.js, Node.js, Webpack, and Babel.js
  • Electron.js - a runtime framework for desktop applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

Open Source and Open Data

Get to know about the advantages of using free and high-quality Open Source Technologies, as well as  about other 'open' initiatives

  • Open Source Technology - Peculiarities of using Open Source Technologies
  • Open Source Management - advantages of using and managing open source projects
  • Open Source Development:
  • Open data initiative - make data open, accessible and usable to promote transparency of government operations.
  • Open contracting - increase disclosure of public procurement processes worldwide and monitoring of the implementation of corresponding contracts.
  • Open procurement - it is time to change how governments implement their procurement processes and what data they release.

Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services platform - a leading provider of cloud computing services.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud - an infrastructure cloud service that offers scalable compute capacity in the cloud.
  • Simple Storage Service - a reliable, durable, highly-scalable, cost-effective object storage.
  • Relational Database Service - a distributed relational database that runs in the cloud.
  • Simple Email Service - a highly scalable outbound-only email-sending service.
  • Chalice - a microframework for the development and fast deployment of serverless applications built with AWS Lambda functions in Python.
  • AWS Lambda - a large-scale, function-based, provision-free serverless computing service that provides your code with a control plane and logic layer
  • Amazon CloudFront - a content delivery network (CDN) that accelerates the distribution of your static and dynamic web content (.html, .css, .js, and image files) to your users. 


Plone CMS

General features of Plone open source content management system, its origin, and deployment, including:

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