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Like other cloud-based services, Platform as a Service (PaaS) focuses on solving issues of deploying, operating and upgrading your project.

PaaS is the key

PaaS, or Platform as a service, is a cloud-based service in which applications develop, deploy and operate. Experts say that PaaS development is the real future of the programming industry. IT companies begin to get rid of the old ways of doing business and move their activity to the cloud. PaaS, like other services in the cloud, provides the user with ready-made solutions and covers all essential activities for programming, such as designing and creating applications, as well as testing, sharing or deploying. Moreover, Quintagroup is ready to craft a tailor-made platform that will suit your way of doing business.

The PaaS development solution helps you reduce your operating costs and focus on more significant issues. You will manage your applications and services and the cloud service provider, in your case Quintagroup, will take care of system update, its stability or necessary security.


Scenarios for the PaaS solutions

PaaS solutions are typically applicable to both organizations and developers.

  • Application development
    PaaS services ensure a variety of solutions for developers. Quintagroup software engineers will help shorten the amount of time spent on coding and build a secure infrastructure for an easier run. Portability across platforms and devices will be more simple and independence of a developer will be increased.

  • Solutions for business
    Through the use of PaaS tools, our engineers enable companies to analyze and search data, find information and patterns, and predict results for better forecasting, enhanced return, and other business decisions.

How can we help you?

Here at Quintagroup, we put all our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We will adapt to your business-specific requirements and on that basis will offer you a number of software and infrastructure solutions. Sufficiently secure and easy to access cloud services will reduce the daily amount of work done by your developers and as a result will boost the productivity of your employees and the superiority of your brand.

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