Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

Or a chance to look beyond conventional software tradition

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, Quintagroup develops a digital product of your dreams. Having achieved success with processing big data in the ProZorro project, we can firmly assure you of delivering a cost-effective, innovative and out-of-the-box solution.

Artificial intelligence as a leading-edge technology that enables computers with new endless possibilities. Machine learning - the subset of artificial intelligence - empowers computers with an ability to analyze data, learn from the analysis, and then apply what was learned to make smart decisions. The more data you provide, the more precise the decision you get.

This self-learning technology enables businesses to grow faster and in a more competitive way.

Being expert developers in the Python language, we write machine learning algorithms using multiple frameworks and libraries namely Caffe, Keras, Amazon Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Theano, Apache Kafka, and Torch.

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Why use machine learning and AI?

Machine learning helps to use data-driven insights to craft forecasting decisions.

Here, at Quintagroup we can offer you a rich toolbox of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the best performance and supremacy of your business.

Advanced Analytics

Our team of certified Python talents applies advanced analytics capabilities to determine upcoming outcomes and hidden potential for growth and market opportunities. Analyzing and structuring of a vast amount of data has the advantage of keeping your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is applied to investigate and comprehend human language. Natural language processing algorithms are applied for text summarization, generation of keywords, identification of the entity, sentiment analysis and building of the chatbots.


If you want to provide more trustworthy and personalized service to your customers, you should definitely consider designing a chatbot. Quintagroup developers can create, train, and customize chatbots that learn from each conversation. This technology is gaining enormous popularity in retail, telecommunications, and banking. The helper supports customers and resolves issues 24/7. It can answer the most frequent questions and therefore saves the time of real support managers.

Artificial Neural Networks

Replicating the learning process of the human brain, artificial neural networks, especially deep learning algorithms - a set of powerful techniques for learning in neural networks - are great for classification, clustering, and prediction of big data sets. Our software experts know how to adapt appropriate artificial intelligence solutions to achieve business success. How can we be sure about that? Read the text below.

Good at Python - Good at Machine learning

Over 200K customers have already appraised the benefits of the software product developed by Quintagroup. Our AI engineers have created a machine learning framework to design and train a model for one of our major projects - Prozorro. Developing the ProZorro dataset allowed our developers to gain matchless experience of work with a tremendous amount of data. As a result, we created a plugin that predicts or recommends highly-probable field values based on inputs of auction fields.

In addition, Machine learning and AI were successfully applied in the Predictions subsystem of OCDS Analytics developed by Quintagroup. The subsystem was designed to get the most probable unit of measure based on the inputs.

How we deliver AI

Quintagroup moves heaven and earth to provide you with the top-of-the-range software. We believe that the key to a successful project is regular communication. That's why we begin our cooperation with an introductory meeting where we discuss the most essential requirements and set priorities.

Then, our team of business analysts determines possible cases and methodology for ML and AI development and creates an out-and-out roadmap that provides detailed insight into your business goals and intents.

After that, our ML and AI engineers come up with unique machine learning algorithms written with Python that ensure the creation of specific prediction models. When the models are crafted, we begin testing your AI model on the real data.

Since receiving your approval, we begin a seamless deployment and integrate your model into the real working conditions.

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