High Load Systems

Quintagroup provides the development of high load systems to help businesses manage huge volumes of data and requests within the shortest time frames.

Being on the software development market for more than 15 years, Quintagroup has mastered its skills in development of high load systems for various businesses. Our engineers are second to none when it comes to creating high load solutions capable of handling high data volumes in just a few seconds.

We, as a company, develop software solutions for industries that are concerned with various spheres of life, including automobile transport sphere, healthcare, machine learning, public procurement, e-commerce, e-auctions etc. We deliver software with uncomparable performance, fairly high quality and reliability. The realization of your request will not be successfully carried out without our acute knowledge, deep analysis and highly-skilled professionals.

The Advantages of HIGH load SYSTEMS:

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  • High Performance
    High load systems show amazing performance indicators. This powerful software is capable of processing connections and requests just in the blink of an eye.

  • Flexibility
    One more reason to admire high load systems is for its flexible and scalable back-end architecture. High load systems can easily adapt to any changes introduced during the software development process.

  • Security
    We all want software to be secure and reliable. With high load systems there is no need to worry about possible data loss or damages that can cause data leaks.

  • Scalability
    To process data loads of various sizes, high load systems use its ability to scale out. Scalability allows a system to handle traffic, to add storage capacity and the possible number of transactions to be carried out.


  • The development of scalable and fault-tolerant applications
    ProZorro project is one of the clearest examples of a system that processes hundreds and thousands of procedures at a time. Being based on AWS services allows to store and handle rich flows of data and information. Using cutting-edge technology, our programmers develop robust software systems able to manage high data loads.

  • Customized front-end and secure back-end
    Our diligent team consists of engineers responsible for design, architecture and all the back-end challenges. We combine our creativity and wits to come to grips with your specific requirements and produce a customized, reliable and powerful solution.

  • Highly qualified tech stack
    We want to create solutions with flawless functionality, fast and brilliant performance. Each and every time, we conduct thorough test to make sure that the application works properly, and to avoid unexpected turns during its exploitation.


  • High load system development
  • High-availability clustering and load balancing
  • Web servers and clusters administration
  • High load and high performance mobile applications development
  • Scalability, fault-tolerance
  • Refactoring and optimization of high load systems
  • Secure database and scalable cloud platform development
  • Large-scale web applications

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