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API development services are critical for businesses looking to boost their operations through technology. With API development services, developers can create custom APIs that are designed to improve usability and functionality, driving efficiency and growth.

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Generally, Partner API is used to promote better communication and B2B integration. As you may conclude, its title speaks for itself meaning that this type is specifically for partnership relations without access for outsiders. Partner API is considered to be one of the must-haves in business relationship.


When it comes to Public API, this type allows a company to open up the information and data from applications, systems and environments not only to their business partners, but also to third parties, who do not need to have a specific access to that. One of the advantages of such an API is that it increases the traffic and engagement on the marketplace, despite time zone differences, which, by the way, used to be one of the pitfalls delaying business processes.


Private API is commonly used internally, in other words, within the company and various development teams to improve productivity, work and use of different services.



Our company is proud of its highly-qualified software developers, who create solutions to fast-track various processes in your business. With the experience of more than 16 years, we are totally convinced that the choice of an engineering team for your projects will either make your business or break it. Once, you’ve chosen Quintagroup, you’ve said NO to worries and doubts. We execute API development grasping the concept of your business model and customizing it according to your needs and requirements.

  • API for Cloud

Cloud platforms are extremely useful and convenient in data interaction and exchange. Cloud APIs make it possible for a software both to request and receive necessary information. All of us use Google Drive, which is, by the way, a perfect example of how API for the cloud let us store and manage photos, videos and docs with the online and offline access.

  • API for Mobile Applications

Nowadays, mobile phones are replacing computers and notebooks, becoming an indispensable tool, when it comes to the development of your business. A great variety of apps facilitating business productivity are being created each day. Among core services, Quintagroup can’t have you left behind, therefore, provides you with the service of developing APIs for mobile apps, that will allow you to keep track of your projects and deals as well as update and maintain your data.

  • API for Web Services

In order to communicate and share the information, a web service uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. When a user starts interaction with the web service, the application sends a HTTP request to a web service database, and, then, a client receives a HTTP response. Here, API serves as a framework for implementing these processes.


If you are considering the development of an API, Quintagroup team has a remarkably good command of software engineering and development of a wide range of solutions designed specifically for your purposes:

  • 100k+ companies use software with API developed by Quintagroup
  • SAAS development
  • PAAS development
  • Automated generation of detailed API documentation
  • APIs for Google apps
  • OCDS API development
  • Prozorro API development
  • OpenProcurement API development
  • PayPal integrations
  • Integration with XML/JavaScript
  • Twitter/Facebook APIs
  • Asana API and Odoo APi integration with Camunda BPMN engine
  • API testing

What is an API?

The vast majority of computer and mobile users are using APIs, even if they come across this term for the first time. According to the definition of an Application Programming Interface, it is a set of functions and processes allowing to create an application capable of accessing other service, or application, or operating system. For non-technical people, such a definition does not ring a bell at all. So, basically, API serves as a mediator, a connector, a messenger that takes client’s request to database, and, from there on, it delivers a response back to the client. One more important thing is to distinguish between API, responsible for the interaction between software systems, and GUI, which presents a number of elements(for example, icons) that help to use a web site or an application.


  • Reliable professionals
  • On-time delivery
  • Strong security
  • Customized API
  • Excellent API performance

In our opinion, the newest technologies, groundbreaking strategies and deep expertise are the main pillars bolstering the development of API, that brings benefits to your business. We tackle each request with the eyes for the tiniest details. If you are a fan of first class services, let us know!

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Find examples of API development in our Case Studies section. Feel free to contact us to get more information!

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