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BA or BI?

BI icon.jpgBusiness Analysis and BA tools are associated with those data management practices that deal with data collection and its historical analysis with the intention to examine a company’s state of affairs before drawing a change-introducing solution plan to be implemented in future.

Meanwhile, Business Intelligence is meant to help business owners and managers to discover bottlenecks and find out better ways to conduct current business operations straightaway. Therefore, the two can be considered as rather complementing than excluding or substituting each other. In this section, though, we will focus on the latter.

BI tools functionality

BI TOOLS functionality.jpgTalking of Business Intelligence applications, for the purpose of analyzing big data sets, providing deeper insights and improving business workflow, one will need a proper BI tool which basic functions must cover the following capabilities:

  • Collecting data to perform high quality, extensive, multiple-source data mining;
  • Reporting to organize and present the collected data in a digestible, easy to interpret format;
  • Data visualization to amplify the reporting function with illustrative charts, schemes, and dashboards;
  • Data analysis to identify the pain points, offer suggestions and optimize the workflow by means of two analysis types - descriptive analysis providing drill-down information summaries and diagnostic analysis finding out the source of issues the company faces.

Customization and integration

Every business is unique in its own sense and so unique must be the approach. The needs will vary depending on your business scale (ranging from large-scale to small family businesses), core activity (providing services like medicine or communication, for example, or selling goods like food or electronic devices, as an instance), or areas to be analyzed within your company (such as finance, performance, productivity, media reach, etc.) To help in optimizing your current business operations and to ensure even better data-driven decision making, additional tools or services enhancing the BI functionality may be used.

BI+decision services

Along with decision operations application, business intelligence tools may focus more on financial reporting what brings forth fraud detection and compliance measuring options. Better control of the financial matters in your company ensures more reasonable assets allocation which means more efficiency.


By integrating the BI tools with the currently-in-use software we allow the system to pull more diverse data from multiple resources (in-house database as well as big datacentres). As we all know, the more information available, the better.

BI+goal management

Boost the awareness as to business practices in a particular area of your company operations (sales, productivity, finance and so on) due to the possibility to program data based on specific goals you aim to reach. Narrowing down the scope of work can simplify things considerably.

We create technologies that help decision makers collect, present and analyze the present business information for the sake of making smart conclusions, maintaining and improving the operational efficiency and increasing the productivity of their businesses. The number of ways to do this is countless but there is always one that can be tailored right for your company. Use this form to tell us what your needs are and we will come up with your ideal solution.

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