Odoo development

Designed to streamline managing the business operation, Odoo can be customized to cater to your company's needs.

Odoo is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) open source solution coded in Python and designed to streamline managing the business operation of an enterprise of any type and scale. Incorporating flexible structure and a well-ordered mechanism for data transformation and involving a countless number of modules that can be integrated in any possible way, Odoo customization can be fully executed. The availability of 1000+ modules also allows to conduct any preferable Odoo integration.

Odoo HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System)

Odoo HRMIS (Human Resources Management Information System) is an ideal starting point of embarking on empowering your business from the inside. Automating your back office functions is what can immediately help you shift your focus to the core activity of your enterprise and save the valuable time by letting the computers do all the monotonous work. Odoo HRMIS is a “less paper”-based system, oriented for time saving, less involvement in routine work, decentralization, communication facilitation, online recruitment process, as well as data unification due to its ability of Odoo Integration with other existing computerised systems. What can be better that getting rid of the unbearable red tape?

Odoo Apps Development

Want your business to make a huge step forward? This is where the digital transformation comes into its own. If you are still seeking for a perfect ERP and CRM tool matching the specific needs of your company, we can offer a flawless solution. Any kind of endless Odoo Apps Development and customization of the system to fit the requirement of an individual enterprise can be performed with a dedicated team of software developers with deep and wide knowledge of Python and Odoo architecture.

Odoo Website Development

Are you looking for a way to transcend the limits? Improve your Odoo Website builder experience with own ideas. Promote your brand, boost your sales, empower your marketing strategies, express your business idea at full capacity by creating your own website with reach graphics, professional themes, smart features and responsive design in a blink of an eye. An individual approach in understanding of specific needs in complex with highly qualified and competent team working on your project can do wonders!

Odoo Themes Development

Are you in search of something special? We highly encourage your out-of-the-box way of thinking! No need to be confined to the ready-made models and templates when it is possible to go beyond with customizable solutions available due to Odoo Customization opportunities and an expert group of proficient Python front-end developers at hand.

Odoo Implementation

A smooth and efficient software implementation is always important if you want your business to benefit from IT innovations to the full. Turn to our Odoo Development team for assistance and support at any stage of the process - starting with information collection and analysis, trough design, coding and testing on out to the software deployment and maintenance.

Odoo Customization

OpenERP Odoo platform is entirely customizable and absolutely flexible, allowing your company to adapt the system to its exclusive needs and requirements, no matter what is the business dimension you are working in. Voice your ideas or suggestions and, without any doubt, it will be adjusted following the scheme you wish to realize.

Odoo Integration

No worries if your company is operating using other systems and you are willing to utilize Odoo as well. You don’t have to abandon your regular software if it still works for you. Add the Odoo features you are missing by choosing the option of Odoo integration. Now you can sync all your systems with Odoo to streamline your business processes and increase productivity instead of wasting time on needless clicking your mouse. We believe you have more important things to do!

Odoo Migration

An option that goes along with Odoo Implementation and Integration as in starting using new Odoo your company may need to quickly and smoothly switch from an older version of Odoo or from a completely different software to the new one. Our dedicated team can make sure such a transition doesn’t hamper your daily workflow and business activities, when every minute of well coordinated operation is crucial.

Odoo Consulting

Questions arising in the process of new software implementation and utilization is a common thing and, naturally, it requires some special attention. You can easily rely on us in assisting you at getting acquainted with the system, solving major issues and advising on improving your work experience with Odoo.

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