Mobile Web Development services offered by Quintagroup embrace new ideas and advanced technologies designed to fulfill your requirements. We provide responsive website design to your mobile website using the latest innovations in the world of wed development.

How to Make a Mobile Website

You will find out here how to make your mobile website, the major steps we suggest and the solutions that would best suit your particular case

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is simple and lightweight web framework used for smartphone and tablet application development. Quintagroup works with basic web languages like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, as well as various other frameworks.

Mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly websites have to meet certain criteria like text size, link spacing, horizontal scrolling, content width, etc. especially after Google algorithm update. We offer a wide range of services, catered towards developing and designing a mobile-friendly and responsive Plone website.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development - reasons for building mobile version of your website, as well as the key ideas, pitfalls and solutions to mobile website creation

Mobile Website Design

Quintagroup suggests using responsive website design as an essential and effective approach towards creating mobile website design.