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Building robust and natively rendering mobile applications with React Native - the innovative Javascript framework

The application development industry is constantly changing and it can be quite hard to keep up sometimes. New stuff appears every year and makes you spend tons of money to keep your apps competitive. What if we say that there is a perfect solution to fix this problem? Interested? Then let us introduce you to one of the leading market players - React Native.

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework built by Facebook in 2015. It was created to solve the issue with their app instability and slow data retrieval and soon was shared with the world. This framework is a combination of the power of the native react environment and all benefits of mobile app development. With its approach, React Native has shaken the whole app development world and keeps making it to the lists of top frameworks for mobile app development to this day.

Seeking a React Native app development company? That’s us! Nice to meet you! React Native is our specialty. We can bring your products and services closer to your users in a fast way and without compromising quality. Let us tell you more about React Native before you make your choice.

React Native advantages for app development

React Native advantages

Both Android and iOS app development

React Native kills two birds with one stone by having the same code for both iOS and Android app development, which is cool since developers don’t have to learn Swift or Android-specific Java in addition to this framework. Plus, you won’t face a dilemma of whether to choose iOS development or Android development - you can have both!

Faster apps

React Native is UI-focused, and that means that apps built with this framework run smoothly and much faster with the same efficiency. 

Flawless performance

Normally one knows that the more complicated an app is - the more bugs it has. React Native boldly breaks this theory by compiling its apps into natively written code. Therefore, this code is able to work flawlessly on both operating systems and has no lags at all.

Rapid development

What will bring results faster - having different teams with particular skillsets or one team with shared knowledge? A single team with experience in React is more than enough to build cross-platform mobile apps faster than multiple teams with native app development. Now developers with React knowledge can work with iOS, Android, and Web - all at the same time. 

Code reuse

Code can be shared too, just like sharing knowledge within a team. With React Native, you can reuse most of your code (about 90%) for deployment on Android and iOS. This will let your team focus on more important tasks instead of copying code for each platform every single time.


We should also mention how this alternative cuts your costs tremendously. Having one team for app development instead of more, reusing code, fewer bugs to fix, the list can go on and on. And we’re sure you know all that already.

React Native’s unique features have made it quite popular in the market. Here are the statistics from AppBrain that prove our point:

React Native statistics

Top 10 React Native apps

Over the last few years, React Native has increased its popularity tremendously. A lot of famous apps you use every day contain React Native. Here are the top 10 React Native apps that are used by millions of people every day.

Top 10 React Native apps

Get started with React Native

In a nutshell, using React Native for mobile app development will give your apps the exact boost they need. Our team of experts is eager to help you with that. We offer a developers team extension along with a full development cycle, from the work of our UI/UX experts and architects to testing, support, and deployment on the cloud. So if you are ready to give it a try and get a robust and natively rendering React Native mobile app, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to build something awesome together!

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