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Build custom designs with Flutter without compromising your application’s performance

Expectations and requirements towards applications are growing every year, so to satisfy users, developers have to invent features as quickly as a flash without risking app performance or quality. That’s why Google decided to fix the problem by building Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit that is used for cross-platform application development from one codebase. Natively organized apps built with the help of this software development kit are widely spread across platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, the web, and Google Fuchsia. 

Tell you what, every developer dreams of building very performant apps for numerous platforms with only the slightest code change. With Flutter, they can simply code once and compile for different platforms. In short, more results - less effort. 

Flutter advantages

Flutter advantages

  • Native feel - get a complete native performance for your apps with widgets that are a mix of all crucial platform differences;
  • Instant view - be able to get feedback on your updates right away after you change the code, thanks to hot reloads;
  • Quicker development - same hot reloads preserve the app state while implementing your changes, letting you code and fix bugs faster;
  • Dazzling UIs - impress your users by delivering your creative vision with built-in widgets that provide smooth, pixel-perfect experiences for all platforms.

Flutter vs React Native

React Native is a powerful opponent of Flutter when it comes to app development. Both these cross-platform frameworks have their advantages and drawbacks at the same time, leaving you with a dilemma when it comes to choosing one that suits your ideas best.

You’ll need React Native, React Native Web, React Native Windows, and React Native macOS if you want to build mobile and web apps for different platforms. However, you’ll need just Flutter to do both. And if you are still figuring out how to cherry-pick that one beneficial option, take a look at the extensive table we prepared for you.

Flutter vs React Native table

About Dart language

Dart is an object-oriented programming language for multi-platform development created by Google a while ago but became famous because of Flutter only in 2017. It is used to build web and mobile apps as well as server and desktop applications. Based on C and resembling Java, this language is pretty easy to learn. Dart has hot reloads and is optimized for user interface creation making it way easier for developers to build fast apps productively. The language also gives access to many helpful supplementary packages and its broad collection of libraries containing all the essentials for plenty of usual programming tasks.

Companies that use Flutter

Flutter is gaining popularity and even threatens to replace React Native someday. Take a look at industry giants who use Flutter for app development.

Companies that use Flutter

These are the companies that use Flutter for app development. We couldn’t fit them all on one page but let us assure you that the number is huge!

Top apps built with Flutter

  • Google Ads and other Google Assistant apps we all know and love are built using Flutter. 
  • My BMW app is also powered by Flutter and is available on both Android and iOS. It is used for giving information about the vehicle’s status whenever as well as remote operation functions like locking the doors, locating the car, etc. 
  • Nubank is now using Flutter as the main technology for the NuConta app. 
  • Tencent apps are creating beautiful multi-platform experiences with this UI toolkit: Tencent English AITeacher, Tencent Now Live, Tencent K12, Tencent Mr.Translator, Tencent QiDian, and Tencent DingDang. The company says that Flutter helped save ⅓ worker effort and increased their debugging efficiency by 80%.
  • Alibaba’s Xianyu e-commerce app was also created with the help of this software development kit and is used by 50+ million users worldwide. 
  • Reflectly adopted Flutter and cut down the build delivery time tremendously. 
  • Hamilton Musical app gives info about new Broadway events, runs lotteries and contests, delivering amazing user experience.
  • Coach Yourself health & fitness app was created to help users with their personal growth. Flutter gave this app a native feel and its widgets are perfect for users to track their progress.

Of course, this list can’t cover the whole extent of apps built with Flutter. There are tons of amazing apps out there that give users and developers positive experiences.

Would you like to add your app to that list? Let’s start developing now! We are a Flutter app development company with broad experience in web and mobile app development. Let us introduce you to this cool software development kit. If you are more interested in another tech stack for cross-platform app development like React Native or want something different like native app development for Android and iOS (Swift and Kotlin), we have a skilled team who build outstanding apps with these frameworks and languages too. Contact us and let’s get started!

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