Plone / Zope Hosting FAQ

Plone / Zope Hosting Services - List of Frequently Asked Questions.


Can I host multiple domain names with the same package?

Yes. Setup for one domain name is included in each package. There is a onetime US$5 setup fee for each additional domain name. Bear in mind that disk and transfer allowances are per package, not per domain name.

Do you have PHP installed?

Not this time. We believe that by specializing in Zope hosting, we can offer superior services and support to our customers. Generally speaking, Zope's capabilities for building dynamic websites are at least as powerful as PHP's, but Zope has other advantages including its built-in through-the-Web management interface whereas PHP requires you to be fairly familiar with the Unix command-line. However, if you must use PHP, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Is SSL available?

SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer") encrypts Internet TCP/IP connections allowing secure e-commerce transactions. Quintagroup supports SSL only in conjunction with the Zope Hosting Instance Package, Plone Hosting Instance Package and Zope Hosting Corporate Package. There is a onetime US$20 setup fee plus an additional charge of US$5/month for the extra IP address and CPU usage

What about backups?

We make daily backups. There are 3 generations, so we can recover quickly in case of disaster. The backups are done at night and the backup medium is replaced every two days.

What about software upgrades?

The software of Quintagroup Zope Hosting is upgraded immediately if there is any security concern. Upgrades of the functionality software is only done, after we spotted the stability.

How do I update my website?

Suppose your domain name is

After you sign up for hosting with, we'll create a homepage at which tells the world that you've signed up for hosting with us. We'll email you when we've done that and inform you what your webmaster password is.

If you go to your website you'll see a link on the welcome page pointing at, which lets you login into Zope's management interface. Click on the link using the user name webmaster and the password emailed to you and you'll be logged into your site's management screen.

The Zope management interface includes extensive built-in context-sensitive help which you can access by clicking on the Help! link at the top-right.

What's the file named index_html in my Zope site?

index_html is Zope's standard name for the file that it displays by default in a Zope folder. For example, if you click on and, you'll see that they're the same page.

So if you want to replace the welcome page we create in your Zope site, replace the file index_html with your new homepage.

How do I change the admin password you sent me?

When you sign up for hosting with us, we create an initial website management account called admin and a randomly generated password.

You'll probably want to change the password to something that's easier for you to remember (but remember to make it hard for someone else to guess!).

When you login to your website's management screen, you'll see a folder called acl_users. This is where Zope stores the account information for people who can update your site. Initially this folder contains only one account: admin.

To change the webmaster password, do the following:

  • Click on the folder icon next to acl_users
  • Click on adminthe link which will take you to an update screen
  • Type in your new password (don't forget to confirm it) and click the Change button

Next time you login into your site, you'll have to use the updated password.

How do I update my website using FTP?

Although Zope websites are typically updated through your browser using the Zope Management Interface (ZMI), it is sometimes more convenient to use FTP, especially if you want to update many files at once.

To upload your site to the Quintagroup Zope web servers, you will need to know the FTP port number of the server hosting your site and the remote default directory of your site.

(The user name and password for the Zope FTP server is the same one you use to update your site via the web.)

Set your FTP client based on this table:

Package Types Server FTP Port
Zope Hosting Shared Package 10004
Plone Hosting Shared Package 10007
Plone Hosting Shared Package 10010
Plone Hosting Shared Package 10013
Zope Hosting Instance Package Varies Varies
Plone Hosting Instance Package Varies Varies
Zope Hosting Corporate Package Varies Varies

The remote directory in Shared plans is your folder name (typically your login name) prepended by "customers/". For example, if your domain name was, your default remote directory would be customers/example

What FTP clients can I use to update my Zope site?

We have confirmed that the following FTP clients work with the Zope FTP server:

  • CuteFTP (Windows)
  • WS_FTP LE (Windows)
  • Dreamweaver (Windows/Mac)
  • BBEdit (Mac)
  • ftpfs (Plan 9)
Note: We have not been able to get the FTP client built into Microsoft Explorer to work when accessing Zope sites with a default remote directory.
Email : How do I set up my email account?

Read the tutorial How to add email accounts to get an enhanced answer to your question or look through a brief information related to this topic below.
Suppose your domain name is and Quintagroup is doing DNS for you. In that case, your incoming mail server will be, in other cases you use

Assuming you have created the email account, create a new POP3 email account with the account name you_example_com ("@" and "." separators replaced with "_"), the incoming POP3 email server to (or, and the password - the one you set up via MailManager (or we gave you if we set your mail up for you). Set the outgoing email server to whatever your ISP has given you. (See the next for why you can't use our server to send email.) It you are using Microsoft Outlook Express, the account panel should look something like this.

Note: Your account name must be your full email address (e.g.,, not just the box name (i.e., the part of your email address that comes before the @).

Why can't I use the Quintagroup email server to send my email?

In a word: spam.

Basically, if you want to send email you will have to use your ISP's mail server for your outgoing email since they know who you are based on your IP address.

Email servers that will send email for anyone are known as "open relays". If they can find them, spammers will abuse open relays to send their spam for them, so much so that nowadays any email server acting as an open relay risks being put on "black hole lists" so that any email originating from that server is refused.

What are Quintagroup DNSs?
Is it possible for site editors to administrate the website in a secure protocol (https)?

Yes. This feature requires additional IP address and SSL Certificate from the client. The whole procedure looks in the following way:

  1. Certificate Signing Request form
    Client should fill in and submit the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) form.  We will then send CSR file back, based on the data, the client submitted. This file will be used during subsequent SSL Certificate order procedure.
  2. SSL Certificate
    Client should buy SSL Certificate at or any other affordable provider. Then the certificate must be sent to us, since we need it while new IP address registration procedure.
  3. IP address
    We charge US $20 setup fee onetime plus an additional charge of US $5 per month for the extra IP address and CPU usage.
    Besides, we have 2 offers for long-term IP address usage:
    • Dedicated IP address quarterly (16 IP13m) - $15.00
    • Dedicated IP address annual (17 IP11y) - $50.00

After above steps are completed, we generate and submit CSR request to ServerBeach for additional IP. Finally, we configure server on the received IP and SSL Certificate. Now that everything works fine, we inform the client about it.

Is it posiible to manage multiple databases with my hosting package?

In case you need to manage several databases in your hosting instance you should use our VPS Hosting packages. Other Zope Hosting Instance Packages and Plone Hosting Instance Packages have only one MySQL database available, with no multiple databases support.

Can we offer multiple IP’s for a virtual or dedicated server?

Virtual Server has its own IP. If you need more than one - according to ICANN requirements, we have to verify the necessary of each IP address, we should provide SSL certificate signed by famous publisher (we recommend GoDaddy).

Are we using any sort of caching such as squid/varnish? If so, is the standard 3128 port used for caching requests?

Yes, we usually install and configure squid. Port 3128 is used.

Should I install cachefu in our instance?

We can install CacheFu and configure it to work with Squid. Its tuning for the site - is part of a separate paid services.

I want to setup a proxy server, is that allowed?

Yes, it is allowed to setup proxy server in Reverse Proxy (Accelerator) mode: we can install CacheFu and configure it to work with Squid. Setup in a Forward mode requires additional purpose discussion.

What method do you recommend for setting up a second Zope instance on your service (VPS package)?

There is user zope which should be responsible for all zope instances. The default zope instance home is /var/lib/zope. New zope instance(s) should be installed into /var/lib/zope2 (/var/lib/zope3, and so on). /var/lib/zope2 should be your buildout root directory. You can just put your tested buildout there.

The default HTTP port of instance one is 8080, we recommend incrementing ports by 10 so /var/lib/zope2 should start running from port 8090.

Keep in mind that with two zope instances active you can get to the RAM limit soon and the server will start swapping that can influence the

How to set up new users without getting an error about outgoing server having problems with authentication?
First of all, make sure you fill correct username and password for the SMTP server you are using in Mail Settings. Remember about Firefox that automatically puts your username and password in MailHost. After you faithfully press Save - mail server refuses to authenticate as it doesn't require authentication! So, erase your username and password for MailHost in ZMI or in Plone Control Panel and update settings and everything should be fine.

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