quintagroup.canonicalpath package brings canonical path calculation functionality to Plone. The package allows to define path and/or link to the object, which may differ from standard physical path or its URL in portal.

It's used by such products as quintagroup.seoptimizer (for defining canonical link of the object) and quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps (on google sitemaps generation).

This package is intended for bringing *canonical_path* and/or *canonical_link* property to any traversable object. For that purpose it defines ICanonicalPath and ICanonicalLink interfaces, and registers basic adapters for ITraversable objects.

This package also registers *canonical_path* and *canonical_link* indexes for possible usage in catalog (ZCatalog).

Default adapters behaviour:

  • `canonical_path` returns path from portal root, i.e. for `/plone/front-page` canonical_path will be `/front-page`
  • `canonical_link` returns absoulute url of the object.

Supported Plone Versions

  • Plone 3
  • Plone 4


  • Andriy Mylenkyi
  • Taras Melnychuk
  • Volodymyr Cherepanyak


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