Plone Search Engines Optimization Tool

quintagroup.seoptimizer product - enhances search engine visibility of Plone sites. Plone SEO allows per document editing of META tags.

quintagroup.seoptimizer is a product designed by Quintagroup to enhance search engine visibility of Plone sites. Plone SEO allows per document editing of META tags.

Plone SEO

Plone SEO allows per document editing of such document SEO properties as: HTML Title tag, META description tag, META keywords tag, HTML comment into page header, META robots tag, META Disposition tag, Canonical URL. For title, description, and keywords tags you have statistics (total/stop/used words, field length counter).


After product installation you will see a new item among Add-on Products Configuration - Search Engine Optimizer. Use this configuration area to select what content types will be SEOptimizer-enabled, to control if DC metatags will be exposed in the header of content pages, еtc. You can read more about SEO Configuration in the documentation section.

Now you can set desirable SEO properties for your site's content.

    Plone SEO
  • Go to a document (page, blog entry, news item, event, etc.)
  • Switch to SEO Properties tab
  • Select Override checkbox for features you want to override
  • Type-in your new SEO values
  • Save changes

Do this for all documents that need enhanced SEO properties.


quintagroup.seoptimizer can be installed on both traditional and buildout-based instances. See Installation instructions here. Note: please set necessary product version in your buildout.cfg file according to the Plone version you use.

Supported Plone versions


quintagroup.seoptimizer was developed by Quintagroup team: Myroslav Opyr, Volodymyr Cherepanyak, Volodymyr Romaniuk, Mykola Kharechko, Vitaliy Podoba, Taras Melnychuk, and Vitaliy Stepanov.


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