Plone Ping Tool

Plone Ping Tool  (quintagroup.pingtool) is a simple tool to enable pinging of external feed aggregators.

You no longer need to go to external feed aggregators like Technorati and inform them that your site has new content. Plone PingTool will do it instead of you, thus saving your time.


  • go to the Add-on Product Configuration through Site Setup and select PingTool
  • Set up and change the parameters of sites-RRS aggregators for pinging
  • go to Zope Management Interface (add /manage to site URL)
  • click Properties tab
  • add a new property (name - canonical_url, type - string, value - www.yoursite)
  • return to your blog to see a new tab appear
  • click it to view the following page:
  • mark with a tip Enable Ping
  • choose the sites you would like to get pinged
  • click Save
  • ping and wait for the results of pinging


Supported Plone versions

  • Plone 2.1, 2.5 - releases up to 0.3.1
  • Plone 3 - starting from release 1.1.3


  • Ping Tool up to version including 0.3.1 was used with Plone Blog.
  • Starting from 1.1.3 version Ping Tool is a standalone product, that may be used with Quills or any other Blog tool for Plone.


  • Volodymyr Cherepanyak
  • Andriy Mylenkyi
  • Vitaliy Stepanov


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