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Mobile Plone Development Service - Quintagroup designs, develops and implements mobile Plone sites and responsive websites that adjust its page layout to various screen sizes, resolutions and full-featured browsers.

Over the last couple of years, mobile web usage has skyrocketed and companies can no longer afford to ignore it. In most countries, the shift is brought about by faster mobile broadband connections and cheaper data service. However, a jump has also been seen in developing nations where people have skipped over buying PCs and Macs and gone straight for smartphones and tablets. If you consider entering mobile web, we at Quintagroup provide services to design, develop and implement mobile and responsive Plone-based sites.

Mobile Websites

Quintagroup has a long history of developing mobile versions of the websites for our clients.Though designing for the Mobile Web follow some of the web design principles, we must consider several notable differences. First, today's mobile device networks don’t run in the same speed as broadband devices. Secondly, we now face innumerable ways a web design is displayed on mobile devices that make even the smallest desktop monitors appear giants. So, to become mobile-friendly your website needs to have a serious makeover:

  • A special stylesheet to adjust the CSS for mobile devices should be included.
  • Mobile development should be cross-platform.
  • Proper navigation and content display are of great importance.
  • jQuery mobile

Basically, you will get a site on a separate subdomain tuned for browsing only on mobile devices. It is a good practice to develop mobile websites based on Plone 3.x. Additionally, we can offer you a range of products to boost your business, like Mobile Sitemap.

Quintagroup's Plone Google Sitemaps product allows generating Mobile Sitemap for mobile sites. By creating and submitting such Sitemap you will accelerate website indexing by Google.

Plone Responsive

As a number of web capable devices grows, web design must evolve. Recently, we have approached building websites with Responsive web design. This means that a separate “mobile” site isn’t the only option for ensuring top quality browsing for your potential clients. By creating a flexible layout with fluid grids the responsive website changes depending on screen size, resolution, browser and resizes and repositions the content. It is recommended to have a responsive website based on the Plone CMS 4.x. Furthermore, a lot depends on the way your site is built: a simple site with standard pages, virtually no applications or custom item types can become mobile just with a proper Plone theme. A site with a custom theme, widgets will require a lot of additional development. With responsive web design you'll get one site that renders perfectly on all devices saving your time and money on the development and maintenance expenses.


Quintagroup has developed several mobile websites:


We could not have found a more technically competent or reliable partner for Plone development and maintenance than Quintagroup.

K. K. Arora
President, Eogogics Inc (Washington D.C., USA)


As the whole world moves to mobile, handheld device support will become grave. Hopefully this article was of interest to you. If you are thinking about creating mobile version of your Plone website - contact us today to have your mobile-friendly website tomorrow.

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