How to Make a Mobile Website

You will find out here how to make your mobile website, the major steps we suggest and the solutions that would best suit your particular case

Quintagroup always goes in line with the technological development and offers its clients most state-of-the-art web-based solutions. Creating a mobile website with responsive website design approach is one of the most innovative ideas that we bring to our clients. So, let us have a closer look at the procedure of mobile website creation.

Your way to becoming mobile - how to get a mobile website

So, you’ve decided to be up-to-date and show your care for the mobile users of your website? Want to advertise your offers in the most pleasant and user-friendly way? If your answer is ‘Yes’, Quintagroup is the right place for you to go, since we can offer you our services of creating a mobile website using responsive website design.

The other questions that might still remain could probably be ‘How to create a mobile website?’ and ‘What are the terms of mobile website creation?’.

How to create a mobile website?

To create an easily accessible and convenient format of your mobile website that would both meet the needs and requirements of your customers and serve you as an effective presentation of your products and services, we suggest implementing the following scheme comprising four steps:

Step 1- Plone CMS

First and foremost, our group of experts suggests implementing Plone CMS, the open source Content Management System, which enables its users to create multi-faceted websites with most effective content- and user-oriented solutions. We provide our clients with an individual approach to designing websites that would best meet your requirements.

Step 2- Responsive Website Design

You have already implemented Plone CMS and now want to create your mobile website? You will need to find out more about such a ground-breaking approach as 'responsive website design'.It is aimed at providing the most effective website format for browsing the net depending on the device used (in our case, mobile device).

Step 3- Responsive Plone Theme

Responsive mobile website design needs using our responsive Plone Themes. Quintagroup with its rich experience in the sphere is well-versed in providing exclusively designed Themes for Plone. Our company offers both free and commercial themes with a wide range of design options and capabilities for customization to the individual case. In addition to this, we now offer responsive website design to meet the latest web requirements.

Step 4- Plone Hosting

Now when you have probably gone through all the previous stages, you will need our Plone hosting services to install your own Plone extensions. We suggest starting with our Zope Hosting Instance Package (25 USD per month) comprising the free installation of Plone with the Themes you choose, all the required add-ons and your mobile website is ready to use. Consider our Plone Hosting Instance Packages and Plone hosting services on Virtual server.

What are the terms of mobile website creation?

Quintagroup boasts individual approach to the clients and instant replies to the requests for our services. Just contact us immediately after reading this article and you will feel the benefits of responsive mobile website design in real life!

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