Internet of Things

Make objects communicate with the help of our IoT services and solutions. Let’s start the digital transformation of your business together.


Until recently It was impossible to imagine that machines, cars, plants and animals would ever be able to communicate. Modern technologies can make people stare.

Now, no big or small enterprise can do without IoT solutions. With the experience of developing robust solutions and providing high-quality services for more than 15 years, Quintagroup delivers solutions that kick your business up a notch.


Before setting out to the implementation of solution, we want to put things right by dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to define the future functionality and capability of your smart device. We clearly analyze features of objects by identifying the necessary ones and those that do not need further development. Except for strategy planning, our team clarifies your requirements when it comes to IoT platform architecture.

Solution implementation

To create a smart product with proper functionality, we need to know your business requirements. With those in mind, our skilled professionals grasp your idea and masterfully turn it into reality. We deliver IoT solutions designed and built according to your specific needs and requirements. To improve its performance, we conduct thorough product testing, that will help us to identify weak points and vulnerabilities.

LoRa and LoraWan

Wireless Communication is the secret of how all the IoT solutions work. The technology of Wireless Sensor Networks make all the devices and objects smart. From that point, LoRa serves as a Long RAnge low power wireless technology platform, that helps us to connect and integrate objects of the physical world with the digital world and cyberspace.

Quintagroup uses LoRa technology and LoRaWAN, a WC protocol, to be able to:

  • Enhance battery lifetime on smart devices;
  • Save costs;
  • Provide long-term connectivity;
  • Optimize network capacity;
  • Maintain and support big numbers of devices.


As Quintagroup develops software and builds solutions for customers working in different spheres, we must be sure that our products are capable of handling various load and volumes of data. With AWS IoT services, we deliver reliable, secure and scalable solutions that grow the efficiency and productivity of your businesses.

AWS provider plays the core role as it allows to operate with many other resources that are supported by AWS.

Terraform in DevOps operations with AWS IoT

Terraform, developed by HashiCorp, is an open-source tool admired by software engineers for its friendly custom syntax, the capability of predicting changes before they even happen and a number of other features. Just as AWS CloudFormation, it allows us to create, model, build and rebuild your code and applications. 

At Quintagroup, we stretch, optimize and improve Terraform tool in order to use it in DevOps operations and AWS IoT infrastructure.

AWS IoT Analytics

AWS IoT Analytics is another service offered to its users by AWS services. With AWS IoT Analytics service, there is no need to be afraid of huge volumes of unstructured and unorganized IoT data. This service makes it easier and faster to gain a better insight into your IoT application workflow and mechanisms. Among the benefits to take into account are the following ones:

  • Optimization of data storage specifically for IoT;
  • Filtering, connection and preparation of IoT data for analysis;
  • Access to tools for machine learning;
  • Automated execution of IoT analysis in desired place and time;
  • Fast and easy running of queries on IoT data.

AWS IoT Events

AWS IoT Events is also known as a service assisting in detection and responding to events or,  in other words, data patterns gathered by IoT applications and sensors. In order to try out its full functionality and see IoT Events working at its best, it requires you to build a custom robust application and employ a decision logic, responsible for identification of events, which would trigger another connected application to react to the events.  This service enables better monitoring of processes, equipment functionality as well as product conditions, by sending notifications and alarms before the damage is done.

AWS Serverless Application Model

Before stepping to AWS Serverless Application, Serverless technology is worth mentioning. Serverless has become a trend today and is widely used when building applications. AWS offers serverless technology, that will handle for you such tasks as operating system maintenance, infrastructure management, cluster and capacity provisioning etc. More than that,  one huge benefit of serverless is its time and cost efficiency, as developers do not need to spend long hours on running and operating their services, because that will be taken care of by AWS.

From then on, The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) is a helpful open-source framework for the development of serverless applications. Being built on AWS CloudFormation, it presents to you a wide range of AWS CloudFormation features and capabilities. To learn more about how to operate AWS SAM template, you can turn to AWS SAM CLI, which would allow you to build, deploy and test applications.


This section will be with a reference to the previous one about AWS SAM. AWS Lambda makes the lives of developers easier by taking on full responsibility for administration issues. Lambda scales your code depending on each trigger and size of the workload. Besides, when it comes to payment for AWS Lambda service, it charges you only when the code is running.

AWS IoT Things Graph

This one is used for visual connection devices and web services for quick development of IoT applications. Communication protocols and proprietary interfaces allow you to keep track and monitor the interaction between devices and web services.

AWS Chalice

AWS Chalice is a Python serverless framework that requires using AWS Lambda. Software engineers, who used to work with Flask framework, have now found a substitute for it, that can be distinguished among others by its minimalism and serverless architecture.

Zappa on AWS Lambda

With Zappa, a Python-based serverless system, you can leave your worries behind, when it comes to hosting your applications. It’s free and open source. It does not require any modification of your code. It handles the horizontal scaling for you. No maintenance, no downtime. You can easily deploy and manage any application you wish.


  • IoT data analysis;
  • IoT platform development
  • Mobile IoT
  • IoT security solutions
  • IoT data analytics and machine learning
  • Development of Human-Machine interfaces
  • Development of connected systems
  • Embedded hardware prototyping


We want our clients to be satisfied with the products we deliver. Therefore, when building IoT solutions, our dedicated team of engineers has a couple of rules to stick to.

    Quintagroup delivers solutions capable of adjusting to the specific needs of your business.

    One of the requirements of IoT solution is scalability. We deliver products based on scalable cloud architecture able to connect to a large number of devices as well as store huge loads of data.

    We create solutions compatible and able to work in with other already existing IT devices and applications.

    Being based on AWS services, our solutions have several layers of security. Now, there is no need to worry about possible security attacks.

Some more information about our IoT services can be found here. Simply contact us, and we’ll answer your questions. Let’s digitalize objects together, and make our lives easier with smart devices!

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