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Quintagroup offers a wide range of high-quality custom e-commerce software development solutions: online shops, shopping carts, e-marketplace, multi-vendor marketplaces.

Modern reality - speedy life pace, a variety of tools making business quicker, time-is-money ideology - makes people adjust to it and even take it for granted - but we do not drop our habits, we simply change them. The process of selling and buying was also slightly modified to meet the requirements of our fast pace of life - with the arrival and popularization of internet technologies people started selling and buying things online.

Generally, what are the features of e-commerce that attract people?

Digital commerce for the future

E-commerce is beneficial for both customers and business owners. It is a fast, easy, time-saving and beneficial way of making a purchase as well as it allows to stay competitive, go global and lower costs to the heads of enterprises. Just see how it works.

Scale up your business

No doubt, going online and selling your product online makes your business viable and profitable. Why? Here is the evidence:

  • Simplified management. E-commerce websites help business owners to distribute, retrieve and manage paper-based data by its digitalization. Therefore, the business process is fast and efficient.
  • No geographical limitations. Whether your customers are from the other town, city, state or even continent, there are no limitations. Online stores reach shoppers worldwide.
  • Customer insights and analytics. It is easier to collect, measure, and calculate first-hand customer interactions and experience. It is more convenient to figure out what your shoppers are interested in the most and what attracts them the best.
  • Reach new clients. In addition to the traditional ways of getting new customers, online retail adds customers that are driven by traffic from search engines. It is more likely that new shoppers will follow a link in search engine results and land on an e-commerce page than new customers will enter the store they have never heard about.
  • Attract with visual. There’s no wonder today’s world becomes the world of visual consumers. The design of the solutions we offer are pleasing to the eye and make the indelible first impression.
  • Stay competitive. With all the latest technologies, more and more shops are becoming available online. Be on the innovative side and let your customers enjoy the benefits of e-commerce websites.

custom e-Commerce services

Enhance customer experience

Satisfy your current customers and attract new with the advantages e-commerce websites provide:

  • Speed of purchase - the only thing you should actually start with is to know what you need or at least the core features of the product/service you are looking for. You simply type it in the search box, check the results and opt for what you need - as quickly as that!
  • Easy process of purchase - type it, check it, choose it and order it - all by the click of your mouse!
  • Time-saving manner - with e-commerce you don’t have to bother with going to the shop, discarding all unnecessary staff and really take your time to look for something when you actually do not have this precious time.
  • Reliable partner - an online store may include a section dedicated to reviews and comments, therefore anyone may check the product’s quality before making a final purchase.
  • Lucrative benefits - sometimes you may get some bonuses for your order - a bag to your newly obtained laptop or some other little things that will anyway make you happy - ‘happy’ e-commerce is aimed at making the client come back and use the service again and again!

E-commerce with Quintagroup

Searching for the best e-Commerce platform? The best one is a custom-tailored one. Quintagroup teams will help you get the best results with our technological prowess.

So, what’s the e-commerce implementation strategy of our team?

  1. Firstly, our e-commerce solutions are based on Python, Django, and jQuery LFS (Lightning Fast Shop) open-source e-commerce solutions. Building a high-performance e-commerce system, we offer using Oscar, Saleor, or Shuup platforms. You can learn the difference between them by reading our blog article - What Python tools should be the best decision for your marketplace project.
  2. Secondly, the emphasis of our teamwork lies on the individual approach towards each case as each of the solutions depends on the requirements of our clients - we always seek for fruitful cooperation to find out what you really need.
  3. Thirdly, the Django/Python frameworks we use bring about integration with physical stores, account management, and integration with payment gateways like Paypal, DataCash, UniCredit, etc. Your clients and you will be engaged in the safest method of purchase possible on these days.

What is so special about ordering e-commerce solutions from Quintagroup? The answer is right up your sleeve now - look through the list of user-friendly and interesting features we may deal with in your particular case and then contact us to get more details on our suggestions.

  • High speed of downloading pages
  • Multiple payment methods & multicurrency
  • Vouchers and discounts
  • Monitoring of transportation
  • Filtered navigation
  • Top sellers ratings, comments, and reviews sections
  • Desktop and mobile versions
  • Lists of suggested and recently visited products

We offer a wide range of high-quality e-commerce solutions, including custom online shops and shopping carts, e-marketplace, e-auction, e-tender or e-procurement systems.

Featured examples

Find examples of E-commerce in our Case Studies section. Feel free to contact us to get more information and order our e-commerce services for your website!

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