Why Zope Hosting

Zope Hosting Service - benefits and advantages of Zope Hosting.

Most corporations that are looking into Content Management Sofware for a way to manage their data. WebReference.com lists some desired features of an enterprise content management system, which are also the features of Zope on Zope Hosting:

Multiple content creators within the organization

  • Marketing/Communications
  • HR
  • Engineering/Product development
  • Technical publications/product support
  • Training
  • Customer support

Creating numerous information products

  • Brochures, product information sheets, proposals, press releases, speeches, presentations, annual reports
  • Employee training materials, policies and procedures
  • User guides, online help, reference documents, application guides
  • Product specifications, design documents, test plans
  • Regulatory materials
  • FAQs, customer support materials
  • Classroom or web-based training

For multi-channel delivery

  • Paper
  • Web
  • Wireless

For multiple content users

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Channel partners
  • Employees

All You Need is a Web Browser
If you know HTML, Zope websites can be developed using nothing but a standard Web browser. Spot a typo on your website? Correct it instantly right from within your browser! Most hosting packages require you to use an ftp client which can be difficult to configure and means an extra step in publishing your site to the Web.

If you don't know HTML, you can use WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") website development software like Microsoft FrontPage™, or the free HTML editor that comes with Netscape Communicator, and upload the saved HTML files through your browser. (For more on using FrontPage with Zope, read this FAQ.)

Built-in Security
Zope makes it easy to authorize who can do what to your website. Need to give access to your Web designer? Simply create a new manager account in your Zope management interface (again, using nothing but your Web browser), send them the new account name and password and they can instantly update your site from anywhere using nothing but a standard Web browser.

Store Files Easily (and Safely) on the Web
Do you often email files to yourself?

Zope makes it easy to create a private, password-protected file-storage area directly on the Web. Simply create a folder on your Zope website that only you can access – using Zope's built-in authentication mechanism – and upload your files directly to the Web without worrying that they'll be rejected by your email server for being "too big".

You can download your files from anywhere you have access to a Web browser, and they're protected with your password.

Undo Mistakes
If you accidentally delete a file or make a mistake in your Zope website, Zope allows you to undo any changes.

Database Integration
Zope itself is built on top of a object database, but it also integrates well with mainstream SQL databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

However, you don't need to use a relational database to develop sophisticated sites in Zope.

3rd Party Zope Products
"Products" are extensions that extend the functionality of the core Zope server. Quintagroup is committed to running the latest stable version of Zope (currently at version 2.7.0).

Currently we have installed LocalFS, which allows access to the file-system from within Zope.

Of course, if you go with our standalone Zope Hosting Instance Package, you can install whatever products you choose to.
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