Hosting Refund Policy

Hosting Service - Payment and Refund Policy issues.

Please read carefully the following Plone/Zope Hosting payment and refund policy issues.

Payment Policy

All services provided by Quintagroup are pre-paid in advance for either one month, one quarter or annual periods. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and  services provided by Quintagroup. Quintagroup Sales will be notified about your payment as soon as transaction is completed. Hosting packages will be activated for you within 2 business days and you'll get your account information.

Full payment is required before we will create an account or add additional services to any account. You will be billed automatically on the day of sign-up and every month, quarter, or every one year thereafter (this is your "billing date") until a cancellation request is received. If during any month there are any account overages (e.g. bandwidth, disk space, etc.), you will receive a separate invoice by e-mail for these charges which must be paid within 7 days of receipt.

Please note that if payment for your services in full is not received by your billing date, or payment for overages is not received within 7 days of the invoice date, you will be notified by e-mail and we will attempt to re-bill for up to 3 days before your account is suspended. You must then contact to work out payment options. After 30 days the account will be terminated and all content deleted if not paid in full.

For more information about payment policy and method, please contact us.

Hosting Account Cancellations

If you no longer require hosting with us, we'd ask that you please contact us. This way we can terminate the accounts that aren't in use. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase simply notify us to receive a refund, minus a handling and transactions fee of 15% for every software copy.

We do not require any type of contract so you may cancel service at any time. To cancel an account, you must e-mail to requesting the account cancellation (at least five days before your next billing date). You will be notified via e-mail as soon as the cancellation request is completed or if any further information or action is needed on your part. Canceling your 2CheckOut payment may result in immediate cancellation of your hosting account regardless of any remaining time left that you have pre-paid for. Be sure that you have copies of your web files before you cancel your hosting.

Refund Policy

Quintagroup has developed and strictly adheres to the following refund policy for web hosting services. We appreciate the fact that you have chosen us as your web hosting provider and value you as our customer.

All requests for account cancellation must be submitted in writing. It will be necessary for the customer to provide the real reason for canceling the account. At this time Quintagroup's customer care team will attempt to respond to the customers needs in a positive way in order to meet the requirements, and needs of the customer in order to correct any issues and satisfy the customer.

Please note that if you have more than one web hosting account with us and only cancel one of the them, the refunded amount can not be transferred to any other of your web hosting accounts that you have with Quintagroup.

Refunds will be given for any type of payments (monthly, quarterly and annual). Let's consider Zope Hosting Instance Package, which has:

  • Monthly price - $25
  • Quarterly price - $69
  • Annual price - $250
  • Daily price
    • for monthly plan = monthly price / 30 days = $ 25 / 30 = $0,83
    • for quarterly plan = quarterly price / 90 days = $69 / 90 = $0,76

Yearly Hosting Refund

As for yearly refund, we shall follow the following procedure:

Refund = Yearly fee - (Monthly Fee * no. of months of service).

In Zope Hosting Instance Package you paid $250 for an yearly plan which costs $25 monthly. If you want a refund after 6 months:

Refund = $250 - ($25 * 6 ) = $250 - $150 = $100.

In this example plan, no refund will be given after 10 months of service because:

Refund = $250 - ($25 * 10 ) = $250 - $250 = $0.

Quarterly Hosting Refund

As for quarterly refund, we consider partial refund, based on proportional daily fees.

Refund = Quarterly Fee - (Daily Fee for quarterly plan * no. of days of service)

In Zope Hosting Instance Package you paid $69 for a quarterly plan which costs $0,76 daily. If you want a refund after 2 months (61 days):

Refund = $69 - ($0,76 * 61 days) = $23

Monthly Hosting Refund

Monthly refund is calculated in the same way as quarterly refund, i.e. based on proportional daily fees.

Refund = Monthly Fee - (Daily Fee for monthly plan * no. of days of service)

In Zope Hosting Instance Package you paid $25 for a monthly plan which costs $0,83 daily. If you want a refund after 2 weeks (14 days):

Refund = $25 - ($0,83 * 14 days) = $13

The refund policy does not cover

  • Fees for traffic over usage paid according to web hosting Terms of Services.
  • Refund is carried out at customer's expense


Quintagroup reserves the right to modify the present refund policy at any time without any prior notice to you. It is your responsibility to check website for any changes and modifications to the present refund policy.

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