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Quintagroup has broad experience in building innovative and powerful Python-based applications using the latest technologies. We use different high-quality Python frameworks for our projects, and aside from steadfast stuff like Flask and Django, we enthusiastically try new game-changing alternatives like FastAPI. 

About FastAPI

FastAPI is a modern Python web framework for building reliable REST APIs that is robust, yet easy to use. It is very similar to the Flask framework, but in addition to its features, FastAPI solves the data validation, async, and speed problems Flask faces. This Python-based framework can boost code maintainability by detaching the server code from the business logic and is faster than other frameworks like Django and Flask because of an ASGI (Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface). Increasing development speed by 200-300%, FastAPI is considered the fastest python web framework and brings a solid amount of benefits for its users.

FastAPI advantages

FastAPI advantages

FastAPI vs Flask and Django

FastAPI vs Flask and Django

FastAPI use cases

A bunch of leading companies have already tried FastAPI and got amazing results. For example, Netflix used it for the development of a crisis management framework. Uber used the FastAPI library to create a REST server that can be queried to obtain predictions. This python web framework is also used for the Microsoft team’s ML services with the further integration into Office products and the core Windows product.

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Need a boost in Python development services? Curious about how FastAPI can be used for your own web and app development on Python? Contact us to request a discovery phase or workshop where our experienced specialists will provide innovative technological solutions to achieve your desired results.

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