Plone theme development and delivery

Our usual process of theme delivery: develop Plone theme in repository, preview and improve plone theme on devel instance, provide a brief documentation and find-links line for installation in buildout from our dist; change request on T&M basis.

Theme is one of the most effective tools to attract web users and visitors. Powerful, flexible, and professional theme for the Plone website is essential part of successful business strategy.

Quintagroup is experienced provider of Plone development services, including, but not limited to, Plone theming. Our team includes graphical and web design specialists, user interface planners, SEO managers and software developers that work in a close cooperation with our clients to provide fully functional and wholesome web solution.

There are two main ways to start development of custom theme:

  • we create site design from scratch and implement it into the Plone website;
  • we use existing design (client provides PSD file, or other suitable source) and develop a Plone theme on its basis.

Regardless of the initial origin of the website design further theme delivery process will be conducted in the following stages:

  1. We develop a Plone theme in our repository (or in clients’ repository if they have one).
  2. Customer can preview Plone theme on our devel instance that can be accessed on Our team can make corresponding iterative improvements if required.
  3. We provide a brief documentation related to the developed Plone theme, its installation, maintaining, and content management. Documentation can be updated and extended if client has any questions.
  4. After the project approval we provide client with the theme in the form of corresponding find-links line that will enable theme installation in customer’s buildout from our dist (e.g. find-links +=
  5. Client follows simple install procedure (similar to instructions here). Further, in case customer has some problems related to infrastructure/server/software, we can help on T&M basis (Plone Support).
  6. If customer sends us change request, we make changes in our repository, make new theme release, so that renewed theme can be accessed and automatically updated from our repository. This work is considered as a change request on T&M basis.

Our aim is to provide the best services, catering to all of our client’s requirements. We listen to customer’s ideas and convert them into reality - a sophisticated Plone Theme that reflects our client’s wishes and values. We are dedicated to satisfying customer’s requests as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and receive more detailed information.

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