Plone Skin Dump

qPloneSkinDump Product - allows to create Plone product based on some ZMI located skin folder (e.g. "custom") from portal_skins.

Plone Skin Dump (qPloneSkinDump) allows to create Plone product based on some ZMI located skin folder (e.g. "custom") from portal_skins.

So you can easy create Plone product with skin based on folder with customized styles and page templates.


  1. Install qPloneSkinDump as Zope product
  2. Install qPloneSkinDump in your Plone instance with QuickInstaller (Plone Control Panel -> Add/remove Products)
  3. Create folder ( <folder-source> ) in portal_skins and fill it according to your needs.
  4. Go to the Plone Control Panel and edit corresponding data:
    • <folder-source> is the name of the folder where all the content and styles are located in ZMI  ../portal_skins/<folder-source>.
    • <ZMI Base Skin Name> is name of the Plone Skin, which list of layers will be used for creating new skin. (eg "Plone Tableless").
    • <Erace>  is checkbox for erasing <folder-source> folder  from portal_skins after Product creating.
    • <Skin's Name>  is the name of skin folder for new product ( Actually   Products/<Product name>/skin/<skin's name> ), that will be based  on the <folder-source> staff.
    • This <Skin's Name> also used as name of new Plone skin.
    • <Product name> - the name of new Plone product.
    • <Do customize slots> -  Check it for PROVIDING SLOTS CUSTOMIZATION   in New Skin Product.
    • <Left portal slots customizing>, <Right portal slots customizing> -  lists with left and right slots lists for New Plone Product. You are   responsible for leaving only those portlets, which are related to your  skin product or are standard for Plone.
    • <Slot's list forming> - slot's list forming control on New Plone Product  installation.
    • <Main column> - decide in which column leave same slots, in case  of meetings one.
  5. For using new Plone product you must reload Zope, and install it in quickinstaller.

In file system new product located in ../Products/<Product name>.

Supported Plone Versions

  • Plone 2.1
  • Plone 2.5


ZPL license


Andriy Mylenkyi


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