qVarbreadcrumbs Product - allows to customize default Plone breadcrumbs, this product replaces standard way of breadcrumbs generation by a different one if needed.

qVarbreadcrumbs allows to customize default Plone breadcrumbs. This product replaces the standard way of breadcrumbs generation by a different one if needed.

Such kind of breadcrumbing is used in those situation when site structure (the way we can get to a page) is different from the structure by folders. It sometimes may also be preferable for SEO purposes. On sites, where qVarbreadcrumbs is installed, breadcrumbs are generated in the same way as it is done by default in Plone (folders, subfolders indicated), with one exception: objects, which possess breadcrumbs property, insert objects, that are indicated in their property before their own title in a breadcrumbs path. Such a customized breadcrumbing works only with those objects, where breadcrumbs property is written. On pages where it is not specified, breadcrumbs will be generated in a usual way.

This product also adds default page in breadcrumbs item urls. Thus, links do not point to a folder, but to a default page of this folder.

qVarbreadcrumbs product sets silo titles for breadcrumbs items. But this task is accomplished only with the help of special product qSiloGroup.

Breadcrumbs titles are taken from silo_items, that is changed via SiloNavigation tab. Thus, breadcrumbs title is the same as navigation title


It is enough just to put it into the products folder. No need to install it with quickinstaller.


Plone 2.5


ZPL licence


Taras Melnychuk


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