Plone tool for content export/import: quintagroup.transmogrifier

quintagroup.transmogrifier provides easy Plone Migration Tool for migrating content between two Plone websites. It allows to export content from one Plone website and easily import it into another one.


quintagroup.transmogrifier package includes Plone blueprints for collective.transmogrifier pipelines that are used for exporting/importing Plone site content.

quintagroup.transmogrifier package can be used as independent Plone Migration Tool by providing ways for handling content migration from one Plone site to another. This package overrides GenericSetup 'Content' step - so this package can be used out-the-box to migrate site content.

You can manage import/export procedure by configuring pipeline and appropriate blueprints in quintagroup.transmogrifier configlet that appears after products installation. Blueprints, included into the package, allow to:

  • return queried items from the catalog
  • create pipeline items from contents of Plone site folders
  • walk through different GenericSetup import contexts and yield items for every folder
  • generate and parse manifest files - listings of objects contained in some foldere in XML format
  • migrate properties for objects that inherit from OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager mixin class
  • use context sensitive components (adapters) to do needed corrections in data generated in previous sections
  • set references for content objects
  • migrate comments for site content
  • extract data from Archetypes file fields
  • apply stylesheet to some XML data stored on item.

Apart from standard Plone content types migration, quintagroup.transmogrifier allows to carry out migration of additional Plone content types. There are special packages used for such cases: these are quintagroup.transmogrifier.simpleblog2quills (allows blog migration from SimpleBlog to Quills) and quintagroup.transmogrifier.pfm2pfg (allows forms ,igration from PloneFromMailer to PloneFormGen).


Product design and development was done by:

  • Bohdan Koval
  • Andriy Mylenkyy
  • Vitaliy Podoba
  • Volodymyr Cherepanyak
  • Myroslav Opyr



We are using quintagroup.transmogrifier for a long time now for migrating some "over products" Plone 2.5 sites to Plone3 and above

Jan 04. 2011
Gauthier Bastien

I think the most complete solution you can get is quintagroup.transmogrifier that is available in the collective... They glued together several existing technologies like atxml/gsxml with transmogrifier, wrote a basic plone tool and integrated it by replacing the genericsetup im-/export step. We worked on q.t at the cathedral sprint and had working im-/exports of a Plone 3.3 site (and 4.0dev IIRC) with references and binary data.

Oct 19. 2010
Carsten Senger

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