qplone3 theme template (quintagroup.themetemplate) - is an enhanced "Plone 3 Theme" template from Zopeskel, that includes addcontent local command, which allows you to extend base Plone theme by additional elements, such as: skin layers, portlets, viewlets, css and js resources, and objects in zexp files.

This package is an analogue of Archetype template in terms of its functionality. quintagroup.themetemplate package is used for development of all Quintagroup themes for Plone 3 (skins.quintagroup.com).


This theme template allows you to create initial theme package skeleton, i.e. create plone3 theme python package with nested namespace (this is different from default plone3_theme template in Zopeskel)

After that you can extend theme package by the following elements:

  • skin-layer(s)
  • portlet(s)
  • viewlet(s)
  • css, js resource(s)
  • objects in zexp files

Creation of a package is performed with *paster create* PasteScript command. Theme extending with other resources can be done with *paster addcontent* local ZopeSkel command (extended in this product).

Supported Plone versions

Plone 3.x


    Andriy Mylenkyi


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