Static Stylish Portlet

quintagroup.portlet.static is a Plone product that allows you to add stylished static text portlets to your Plone site. Static Stylish Text portlets are usual Plone Static Text portlets with certain HTML classes assigned.

Static Stylish PortletStatic Stylish Text portlets can be used in those cases when you need to have several static text portlets be displayed in different ways.


Add quintagroup.portlet.static to the list of eggs and zcml lists of your buildout.cfg file

eggs =
zcml =

Re-run buildout ans restart your instance. Then activate Static Stylish portlet via Site Setup -> Add-ons


To set different styles for static portlets:

  • go to Site Setup -> Add-on Products Configuration -> Static Stylish portlet (www.yoursite/@@staticstylishportlet-controlpanel)
  • In Static Stylish portlet settings area create HTML classes and specify CSS styles for those HTML classes in the corresponding CSS file. These classes will be available for you in a Portlet style drop down menu on static stylish text portlet add/edit form.


  • Select Static Stylish text portlet from Add portlet... drop-down menu
  • Provide content to be displayed on the portlet [as you would do for usual Plone static text portlets]
  • Choose a portlet style for the portlet from the list of available HTML classes.
  • Save changes.

See the example of Static Stylish portets usage on live CorporateCreditCenter website: 'Business Credit Info' and 'Get Credit Now' are 2 static stylish porlet that use different porltet styles for making porltet background color different.

    Supported Plone version

    • Plone 4.1
    • Plone 4.0
    • Plone 3.x

    Authors and contributors

    • Vitaliy Podoba
    • Roman Kozlovskyi
    • Malthe Borch
    • Volodymyr Maksymiv


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