PloneFormGen CaptchaField

quintagroup.pfg.captcha product - allows to add captcha to PloneFormGen forms, as a result forms are prevented from automatic submit.

quintagroup.pfg.captcha allows to add captcha to PloneFormGen forms. As a result forms are prevented from automatic submit.

Quintagroup PloneFormGen CaptchaFieldUsage

quintagroup.pfg.captcha plugs to PloneFormGen forms, so after successful installation you will have a new field among fields available for PloneFormGen form - Captcha Field. Everything you need to do is to select this field from 'Add..' drop-down menu and save it.


To enable captcha on PloneFormGen forms you have to install the following Plone products:

  1. PloneFormGen - for creating the form itself
  2. quintagroup.pfg.captcha - for adding captcha field to the form, it will be installed together with quintagroup.captcha.core package that enables Plone captchas on Plone sites. Find more details on quintagroup.pfg.captcha installation in INSTALL.txt file within docs section of a product package.

Make sure you install PloneFormGen first, otherwise quintagroup.pfg.captcha may fail to work correctly.


Supported Plone Versions

  • Plone 3.x
  • Plone 4.0


  • Andriy Mylenkyi
  • Taras Melnychuk
  • Volodymyr Cherepanyak
  • Vitaliy Stepanov


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