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quintagroup.dropdownmenu package allows to create and manage multilevel portal drop down menu on Plone sites.

quintagroup.dropdownmenu package allows creating and managing multilevel portal dropdown menu for Plone sites.

Plone Drop Down MenuThis package allows to build multilevel portal dropdown menu based on nested portal_actions categories inside portal_tab category as well as based on portal content structure. It also allows you to define whether to put content tabs before or after action tabs, and a bit more...



quintagroup.dropdownmenu can be installed as a Python package by adding it to eggs list of buildout section:

eggs =

Then re-run buildout and restart Zope instance. Activate Plone Drop-Down Menu via Quickinstaller in Plone: Site Setup -> Add-ons.


After installation in Plone, you'll see DropDown Menu item under Add-on Configuration, that include the following setting options:

Drop-down for Plone

To enable mobile navigation you need to tick the box for Display menu as select for small screens.

Building you dropdown menu with portal_actions

quintagroup.dropdownmenu allows to create multilevel portal navigation using CMF Action Category containers. But the requirement is to have a specially named Action for each Actions Category. The id of each such action must be build using the rule:

action_id = prefix + category_id + suffix


    Plone Drop Down Menu
  • 'category_id' is id of correspondent CMF Action Category
  • 'prefix' defined in DropDownMenu configlet, default value ' '
  • 'suffix' defined in DropDownMenu configlet, default value '_sub'

So, to create the following 3-level portal dropdown menu:

  • Go to ZMI -> portal_actions -> portal_tabs
  • Add CMFActions to represent navigation first-level items (example ids: folder1, folder2) and CMF Action Categories to include second-level navigation items (example ids: folder1_sub, folder2_sub).
  • Each CMF Action Category will include CMFActions - 2nd-level navigation items and may include CMF Action Categories - containers for 3-rd navigation level (if needed).
  • 2 level CMF Action Categories will include CMFActions - 3rd-level navigation items

You can change items order by using Up/Down buttons.

See illustrated usage how-to in the quintagroup.dropdownmenu documentation Usage section.


Changes you make in portal_actions may not immediately appear in Plone interface right after being done - this is because menu is cached (for an hour). That's why to see your drop down menu at once - go to the RAM Cache control panel (site URL/@@ramcache-controlpanel) and clear cache.

Supported Plone versions

  • Plone 4.1
  • Plone 4.0
  • Plone 3.x


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