Plone Themantic

Plone Themantic (qPloneThemantic) adds semantic mark-up, based on Plone Tableless, used in Plone 2.5. This product doesn't change default Plone look. qPloneThemantic also gives a possibility to begin new theme development in a file system.

Why Themantic?

Themantic comes from Theme & Semantic word-play.

Differences, comparing with Plone Default:

  • changed
  • column.css added
  • IEFixes.css for IE 7 and previous versions. IEFixes.css includes additional fixes:
    • hidden text emergence and wrong tabs arrangement (when zooming) fixed for IE 7
    • leave serch incorrect display fixed for IE
    • other minor fixes, can be found in IEFixes.css file
  • plone_minwidth.js added

Supported Plone Versions

Plone 3.0


Serhiy Valchuk


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