Plone Tabs

Plone Tabs (quintagroup.plonetabs) is a user-friendly product for managing portal_actions items on the Plone site from portal_control_panel configlet without the need to go to ZMI.

Plone Tabs


    • quintagroup.plonetabs allows editing portal tabs, document actions, site actions, folder buttons (and other portal_actions tools) - all via Plone Control Panel
    • possibility to make items visible/invisible
    • possibility to change items order by simple drag-and-drop


      To create new Plone tabs go to your Site Setup:

      • Select Plone Tabs from the list of Add-on Products Configuration
      • In the Select category to manage select what items you want to manage
      • Enter the name and the link of the tab you want to create
      • Click Add button

      To change tabs order:

      • Click the arrows next to the item title you want to change position for
      • Move it up/down to the necessary place


      Rich (Ajax based) mode works for

      • Firefox 2+
      • IE 7+

      Supported Plone versions

      • Plone 4.0
      • Plone 3.x


      • Myroslav Opyr
      • Vitaliy Podoba
      • Volodymyr Rudnytskyi


      • In case you are using browser which is not compatible with the given product (see list above for compatible browsers), you can easily switch to 'Plain Mode' and use basic HTML forms without any javascript functionality. That plain mode should work for any browser ;-)
      • If you were using qPloneTabs product before and now you want to install this new package then before installing quintagroup.plonetabs uninstall qPloneTabs product from quickinstaller tool, then remove it from Products folder and only after that install quintagroup.plonetabs package.



      Thanks for this! This is so much easier than dealing with tabs through ZMI.

      Jan, 2010

      Im a newbie to Plone so its really great that there are these add on products that make life easier for novice site developers.

      May 08, 2007
      Sione Simisi

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