Pone SMS

Plone SMS (qPloneSMS) bundle provides the tool and sample content type that allows Plone sites to send SMSs via XIAM gateways of Cellular operators directly to cellphones.

Product is tested to work with XIAM gatway of O2 cellphone provider. Plone SMS was developed for Dublin Institute of Technology.


The solution contains two Plone products:

  • PloneSMSCommunicator - the tool that talks to XIAM gateway at cellphone operator via XIAM-XML protocol. You'd have to set XIAM gateway properties in the tool' configlet before you are able to send SMSes.
  • ShortMessage - the sample content type that allows sending Short Messages to cellphones. It employs Workflow to plug in the sendout procedure.


  1. Negotiate with cellphone provider the access details (XIAM server).
  2. Setup PloneSMSCommunicator
  3. Send SMSes


  1. Unpack into /Products folder of your Zope instance.
  2. Install PloneSMSCommunicator and ShortMessage with Quick Installer.


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