Plone Captcha Field

Plone Captcha Field (qPloneCaptchaField) is a Plone product that allows to add captcha field to PloneFormGen forms. As a result forms are prevented from automatic submit.


To create forms with the captcha field you need to install 3 Plone products:

  • PloneFormGen - for creating the form itself
  • Plone Captchas - for enabling Plone captchas on a Plone site
  • Plone Captcha Field - for adding captcha field to the form

Make sure the products are installed in this order, otherwise they may fail to work correctly.

Installation Tutorials


Plone Captcha Field plugs to PloneFormGen forms, so after successful installation you will have a new field among fields available for PloneFormGen form - Captcha Field. Everything you need to do is to select this field from Add.. drop-down menu and save it.

Supported Plone Version

Plone 3.x


Taras Melnychuk


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