Plone Google Maps

Plone Google Maps (qPloneGoogleMaps) is a Google Maps view product for the Plone content management system which enables integration of Google Maps into Plone sites.


  1. Due to qPloneGoogleMaps you can set up the latitude and longitude of your site objects and have their maps exhibited on your site.
  2. Any object with the latitude-longitude has an additional map portlet displaying this object. This portlet, in turn, has a template "Large screen". If you click the large screen below the portlet, you will be able to see the full-size map of the page with its description.
  3. The folders containing objects with the latitude-longitude parameters have an additional display view - "maps view", which gives an opportunity to see the full-size map with all these objects.
  4. There is a new content type "Map" which can have other content types - "overlays". It enables the positioning of different objects on one map showing them with the markers of different colours.


  • Install qPloneGoogleMaps and geolocation as Zope products
  • Install these two products in your Plone instance with Quick Installer (Plone Control Panel ->Add/remove Products)

Supported Plone Versions

Plone 2.5


    • Myroslav Opyr
    • Vitaliy Podoba
    • Mykola Kharechko



    I installed your Googlemaps content geotagging products, and I'm very impressed with the way it operates - its going to be indispensible for a project we're using...

    March 26. 2007
    Chris McAllister

    Great product. Can't wait to get it all in play.

    January 10. 2007
    Bruce Deutsch

    ...thanks for a wonderful product. qPloneGoogleMaps is awesome!

    July 03. 2007
    John Etherton

    Just installed the product for Google maps. Easy and straitforward! Great steps toward something usefull when working with geographical related content.

    March 22. 2007
    Eric B

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