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Collective.easyform enables creation of custom forms using dexterity. This Plone package is similar to Products.PloneFormGen that is based on Archetypes. Dexterity is a new platform for content types in Plone and will be used instead of Archetypes in Plone 5. Easyform provides a Plone form builder through-the-web using fields, widgets, actions and validators.
Collective.easyform uses:

  • plone 4.3.2 
  • plone.dexterity >=2.2.0 (because there is function ‘export/import dexterity content type’) 
  • plone.schemaeditor >=1.3.4 
Similarly to PloneFormGen, Easyform is used to generate web forms that save or mail form input. Interface is simple and user-friendly to allow non-programmers create forms. Add easyformInstall product, rerun your Plone instance and activate Collective.easyform. Add Easyform and fill out the fields. Further add and customize fields to create a unique form that will meet your particular requirements. With Collective.easyform you can add fieldsets and fields to the form. There are enough basic field types to satisfy any demands:
  • File Upload 
  • Text line (String) 
  • Integer 
  • Yes/No 
  • Date 
  • Date/Time 
  • Floating-point number 
  • Choice
  • Rich Text 
  • Image 
  • Multiple Choice 
  • Text 
  • Password  


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