collective.portlet.ngcollectionThis package extends Plone collection portlet in order to allow assigning different views for each newly created portlet through its edit form.

This is often required to have many collection portlets displaying different information in different places. Plone portlets provide us with portletRenderer directive which in general is really useful, but it's not an option because it overrides portlet renderer globally thus allowing to have only one template at a time.

Thus, to avoid having some odd conditions in your collection portlet's template NGCollection extends standard plone collection portlet with a template field where you can select template to use from available templates.

Apart from the 'template' field NGCollection portlet also adds 'show_more_label' field. This field is here to override default collection's portlet 'More...' link text with some custom one entered by user.

Portlet Templates

In order to register new alternative templates for your portlet this package provides portletTemplates directive:

ngcollection code

In this example we register templates contained inside alternative_templates folder as alternative templates available for Interface portlet. Thus you'll be able to select one of them on portlet edit form via Plone interface.

You can register more than one directory for your portlet.

This idea with registering directories with custom templates was highly inspired by z3c.jbot package.

Supported Plone version

  • Plone 4.0
  • Plone 3.2+


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