This package provides TinyMCE visual editor support for service: videos, images and other rich media files can be inserted to Plone from different services through one API.

Embedly services in PloneThere are more than 200 services that support service. These are such video sharing sites as Youtube,, Vimeo; such audio streaming services as Grooveshark, SoundCloud,; such image/photo stocks as Flickr, such documents sharing services as Scribd, SlideShare, Issuu; and many other: GoogleMaps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The approach here is to use the Transform machinery to replace the URL with embed code by calling the API. collective.embedly package was developed by Quintagroup for Plone collective, sponsored by Headnet company.embedly tool for Plone


To embed media from the embedly-supported external resource to Plone:

  1. Register in the embedly service. Upon completing sign up, you'll be provided with the API key. Copy and insert it into API Key field of Embedly settings (add /@@embedly-controlpanel to the site address).
  2. Go to the page's edit form, select a piece of text (TinyMCE makes the whole passage linked, so keep in mind that the whole passage will later be substituted with embedded media.) and click "Insert/Edit Embedly link" on the TinyMCE toolbar.
  3. In the popup window type in the URL of the object. You may click "Preview" to make sure the link is correct. Then click "Insert". You may customize video parameters (e.g. maxheight, maxwidth, autoplay) using Advanced settings tab.
  4. Save this page. Now when rendered, there will be "preview" from service inserted instead of the linked text.

Supported Plone version

  • Plone 4.0



Fantastic, thank you! I think our clients are really going to love this!

Mar 4. 2011
Jon Stahl

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