Intel App Framework builds multi-paged mobile apps

Intel App Framework (previously jqMobi) is HTML5 and CSS3 optimized mobile app development framework.


Intel App Framework (previously jqMobi) is the first framework originally built for multi-paged mobile application development. It can boast smaller size and higher speed than other similar frameworks such as Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile that were initially developed for desktop web. This software is optimized to support HTML5 and CSS3, and uses their full potential.

Intel App Framework’s main features

  • jQuery-compatible. Has plugin to enhance building of fast UI apps in cooperation with jQuery framework;
  • ‘native app’ experience for users of most mobile platforms, among which are iOS and Android;
  • built-in repository for plugins, it is easy to save and use to improve app functionality;
  • HTML5 components improve flexibility and cross-platform settings in multi-paged apps;
  • rich set of out-of-box codes for screens, carousels, transitions, menus, scrolling lists, etc;
  • query selector engine, W3C selectors;
  • UI library with basic components;
  • use of browser built-in features and native scrolling;
  • touch based interface for all platforms;
  • proposes wide variety of native style themes for mobile platforms, as well as customization options.

Intel App Framework is used to build quick and lightweight cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5 capabilities that will enhance application performance on the most popular mobile frameworks.
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