Develop mobile apps with Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is free and open source software for native mobile app development.

CordovaQuintagroup builds mobile cross-platform applications using several frameworks and Cordova is one of them. We provide programming solutions for every client, who needs unique and functional mobile app.
With Adobe Systems Inc.acquisition of Nitobi in October 2011 such famous mobile web development framework as PhoneGap became part of Apache Software Foundation and soon received new name - Cordova to prevent trademark issues. Apache Cordova was released in October 2012. It is free and open sourced software for native mobile app development.

Use Cordova to build native applications

While building a mobile application it is important to remember about diversity of modern devices. Cordova gives excellent opportunity to create native application for almost all platforms with only one framework. It is built on web standards and serves as a bridge between native and HTML5 applications and can be used for development of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, WebOS, and Bada applications.

Cordova gives web developer opportunity to access native device functions. Calendar, contacts, and geolocation can be connected to the application and support its functions. In this way app will not need to address the user, but will be able to work with user’s data and features directly.
Part of supporting tools for Cordova, like libraries, scripts and templates, can be downloaded from PhoneGap Web site, but since 2013 releases are spread under Apache.
With help of Cordova two different patterns can be used:

  • Multi-page applications: various screens of your application will be shown by a set of HTML pages . Navigation uses anchors as links are used in the standard browser. This pattern is more suitable for apps with static content. In this way you can convert existing website into phone application.
  • Single-page applications: for browser it is a single HTML page with one URL. Dynamic updating of HTML provides navigation in an app. In this way Cordova and JavaScript are loaded only once.

Whether you are interested in web application built with Cordova or want to find the best means for mobile web development, contact us to obtain qualified services.

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