Why Content Marketing and Why Now?

We offer full range of Content Marketing Services, including strategy planning, content creation, promotion and distribution.

For businesses of all sizes online presence and recognition becomes the key component of success. But people got tired of blunt advertising, of being told what to buy and where to spend their money. They have access to a lot of information now and they search for one that educates and gives insight, rather than one that only promises and demands. Both individuals and corporate decision-makers want to learn, understand and evaluate the solution before investing into it.
Remember give-and-take strategy? The most successful businesses are those that propose clients new purchase experience and give them valuable information before asking for money and trust. It is the cornerstone of content marketing.

Content Management Services from Quintagroup

Content marketing is a marketing technique of producing unique and relevant content in order to attract potential customers. To achieve this ultimate goal several principles should be followed:

  • topical and educational content;
  • systematic and regular updating;
  • SEO-optimized content;
  • target audience engagement.

Content Marketing Strategy

What all businesses want from the internet? The answer is simple - to be found and to be noticed. That means improving of search engine rankings, increasing traffic to your website and, as a result, lead capturing.
What do search engines want from you? The answer is even simpler - signs that your website is alive, updated and relevant to customers. All of this and even more is provided by content marketing. Developing a content marketing strategy involves:

Step 1. Identifying target audience.

You already have client base? Create newsletters or case studies. Your customers will develop with you, they will see the perspective and want to participate.
New to the market? Create blog, where you can introduce your team and methods, become more socially involved, interact and answer the questions.

Step 2. Choosing the right content type.

Depending on your area of expertise, products or services you are offering, you should select material or topic you will cover and its content representation: text, informative article, tutorial, email, print, image, video, audio. Choose wisely.

Step 3. Engaging and lead nurturing.

For each content there is time and place. Promote your products and services implicitly by means of blogging, guest blogging, case studies, whitepapers, newsletters, social networks, etc. Be aware of all modern tendencies, as internet is the place of changing allegiances.

Content Marketing Services

Despite the content marketing potential not all companies have experts that will devote their time and knowledge to internet content creation and distribution.
Quintagroup is ready to assist and guide you through the entire content marketing process, including:

  • content marketing strategy development for your specific needs;
  • editorial calendar management;
  • creating, designing, updating and maintaining the blog;
  • copywriting services;
  • infographic design;
  • animation, promotional, and explainer videos;
  • custom, target-oriented and search-optimized content;
  • regular content updating and distribution;
  • content promotion and engagement via social networks;
  • analytics and reporting.

Contact Quintagroup now and receive content marketing solution for your business. Save time and money using our services to promote your brand online. Remember that your success is our success.

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