Plone Content Manager Service

Overview of Plone Content Manager Service from Quintagroup.

Content is one of the most important elements of websites. By 'content' we mean all textual, visual or aural stuff available on a website: this may include text, tables, graphics, images, documents, sounds, videos, etc. Nowadays websites are trend to be growing - more and more content is added every day. As a result websites become complex and they need effective methods & tools for organizing all the contained stuff.

Plone Content Manager Service

For organizations dealing with huge volumes of content - managing that content is a challenge and a necessity. It is very important not only to regularly update information on a website, keep it up-to-date, but also do it in a right way. To get a high site performance you have to keep in mind usability, accessibility and SEO issues. Good organization of website content makes it:

  • easily accessible - it should be easy for site visitors to find necessary information on a website and navigate within the site;
  • usable - site visitors should be able to quickly get the information, structured in a clear way;
  • search-engine friendly - content must be effectively indexed by search engines so that more and more visitors come to visit your site from the search engines.

Plone CMS is very favourable in terms of allowing individuals who manage or contribute to websites to easily create, publish and update content. But sometimes it is not enough and you might need professional help to ensure information is published accurately, correctly and on time.

Quintagroup has rich experience in developing portals and offering effective web content management services. With our content management service you can delegate content management tasks to our content manager to systematically add/edit/update content on your Plone website(s).

Our Plone Content Manager Service includes:

  • Adding content to Plone website provided in .doc, .pdf, or any other format
  • Editing, managing and publishing content on Plone 4, Plone 3, Plone 2 sites
  • Updating content with special attention to document markup, structure, HTML code
  • Using default Plone content types as well as additional & custom ones for organizing content
  • Creating & testing on-line forms
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading site content
  • Creating, managing and updating portlets on Plone sites

We also can provide training and support to content providers in the use of Plone's WYSIWYG content editors to create, edit and submit content

Being a full-service Plone provider, Quintagroup can offer not only standard content management services, but provide more functionality to your site and improve its look. Our Plone theming and development services are constantly evolving and expanding, which means that you can count on plenty of support to fulfil your content management tasks.

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