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Quintagroup ensures stable and efficient performance of your software and applications with our software testing services

Very popular and widely discussed, the service of software testing is now one of the crucial ones to ensure stable and successful performance of your software and applications. But it is doubtful that an average user has a full-fledged understanding of what software testing actually implies. We shall try to shed some light on this issue, describe its major stages and make an outline of its key types.

Testing Essentials

Back from school years we all have this stereotype that testing is something scaring, usually difficult and not quite welcome. When an average pupil or student is asked what s/he thinks about testing, he will most probably claim that testing is a kind of torture. If applied to software - the reaction should actually be opposite! Not only does it uncover errors and malfunctions of the tested ‘object’, but it also gives certain hints to possible enhancement of its performance and verifies the performability of the system in comparison with the primarily anticipated results. And our reality suggests that successful software performance equals successful performance of your business. So, let us now discover software testing procedure, how it all works and what it all results in.

Software testing bug

Software testing procedure includes the following components:

  • Verification (Checking proper) - software testing aimed at checking the level of present conformity with the pre-specified performance results. At this point software testing presupposes the evaluation of results and their comparison with the initial expectations of the developer.
  • Error Detection - initial and primary function of testing that consists in revealing malfunction and system mistakes, and their further elimination.
  • Validation - testing the system for its conformity not with the developer’s requirements, but with the user’s requirements. At this stage the system is checked for its level of meeting the demands of the market.

Types of Software Testing

Now you know how software testing works and what tasks it performs, so Quintagroup can serve as your ‘testing machine’. But first you should decide which kind of testing you actually need. This is the approximate list of testing service we can offer you now, but, of course, we are always open to work out new types and techniques and to suggest the kind of testing that would suit your particular case:

  • load testing - ensures that your software can easily face heavy traffic without losing the quality of its performance. With our load testing services, you will be up and ready to meet both slow and peak traffic and cope with all of the problems on the way. Your users will not even notice all the traffic details while loading.
  • functional testing - ensures that the software or application functions efficiently and according to the way it was intended to work. in fact, this is one of the most important testing types, because without proper functionality of the software or application, it will fail to bring desirable results and benefits.
  • acceptance testing - also referred to as ‘end user testing’ or ‘application testing’. This type of testing implies that the user should check if s/he accepts the work of the system as it was intended by its developers. Quintagroup experts implement this type of testing with the help of Python programming language, as well as Robot Framework and Selenium. Our team of professionals can also help you with implementing user acceptance testing to make sure that your software or applications works in line with the initial specifications.
  • security testing - checks your software for the level of its security and prevents from working with the systems or programs with poor security level or privacy vulnerabilities.
  • usability testing - predicts the requirements of the users and allows for creating clear-cut intuitive systems. Anticipate and meet the needs of your prospective users with the usability testing services.
  • localization testing - validates the quality of software translation and ensures correct communication of the message. Your software should really WORK irrespective of the country and language it is applied in.

Software testing workflow

Whether you are absolutely sure about what you need or still hesitating over some problems you want to detect, feel free to contact us any time, get a response to your questions and, hopefully, order our software testing services.

Happy Testing to You! And...Many Happy Returns!

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