Plone Skins Development

Plone Skins Development Service - custom Plone themes and skins development from Plone experts.

Quintagroup offers custom Plone Skins development for your projects. We usually split the whole "Plone visual identity" project into two separate phases:

  1. Web Design – graphic representation of the site template design, the output is rasterized layered graphic file (preferably .PSD file). Design can be developed by any web designer, no need to know Plone.
  2. Skinning - design is converted into live Plone skin.

You can order only one of the above items or both.

Our graphical and web design specialists work closely with our clients to ensure that their sites look and feel just right. In particular, sites developed in Zope/Plone CMS are easy to change as the layout and appearance are derived from a small number of centrally located Zope Page Templates.

You can find the examples of custom Plone Skins we developed in our Plone Themes shop.


We could not have found a more technically competent or reliable partner for Plone development and maintenance than Quintagroup.

K. K. Arora
President, Eogogics Inc (Washington D.C., USA)

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