Plone Deployment

Plone Deployment Service - launch your production website effectively.

Plone is an excellent platform to produce and manage content. It is one of the easiest CMSs to download and install, and it is a pleasure to work with thanks to its flexibility and openness. But when it comes to launching Plone into production, many things need to be taken into account. Like any other system, Plone needs competent deployment to be done.

Whether your website is on a final stage of development (it is thoroughly-tested and is ready to be pushed to a live web server) or is still under development (it is constantly being enhanced and improved on a development instance and all changes need to be published on production server from time to time) - it is high time for considering site deployment strategy.

Deployment is an inevitable step in the software development process that every website experiences. To ensure smooth website launch and avoid any possible failure - some basic steps should be covered. Quintagroup can help you with any issues related to effective Plone site deployment. Our services include:

  • Deployment strategy selection
  • Competent creation of buildout: extending and overriding buildout with more appropriate for deployment configuration
  • Configuration of development environment
  • Implementing solution that ensure site 24/7 availability during deployment (exclude risks of site outage)
  • Production site deployment: pushing data and code changes to production, investigating the best way of deploying content to a production server.
  • Setting up caching: site caching policy optimization
  • Complete Plone site performance analysis
  • Backups and updates strategy scenario

How to get started

We are ready to provide the best deployment scenario for you case. If you are interested in our Plone deployment services - don't hesitate to contact us any time with details.

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