Blog Migration from Plone 2, Plone 3 to Plone 4

Blog Migration Service - Migration of Simpleblog to Quills or any Plone 3 or Plone 4 Blog.

Plone site upgrade from old versions (Plone 2, Plone 3) to Plone 4 requires migration of site content as well as migration of add-on product to make them compatible with Plone 4.

Not all Plone add-ons are compatible with different Plone versions. Some of the products that were stable and reliable in old Plone versions were not upgraded to Plone 4. Sometimes completely new products with new features are designed as an substitution to old ones. That is why it is very important to find alternatives for all products you used on your old Plone website in a new Plone 3.

This is the case with Plone weblog application. SimpleBlog was considered the most reliable and the most popular weblog application for Plone 2.1 and 2.5. It was widely used on old Plone sites. But while migrating to Plone 3 your attempt to find stable release for Plone 3 will fail - there is no Plone 3-compatible version.

Quills as a Weblog System for the Plone CMS became widely used in Plone 3. Quills offers quite many features, such as: date-based archives for blog entries, configurable per-blog settings, topic images, automated "pings" to Technorati and other similar services and many other. This is the best weblog application for Plone 3 for now. Quills is a great choice for "full-on" blogging. Migration of SimpleBlog to Quills become a common solution to solving Plone 2 to 3 blog migration problems.

One more Plone add-on worth mentioning in this context is Scrawl, lightweight blog product that works with releases in Plone 3.x series. Scrawl is intended for simpler, more casual use-cases. Scrawl is deliberately minimalist, it provides just a "Blog Entry" content type and a "blog view" view. It can be used for blogging in Plone 3 for those cases where you do not need any additional features that Quills introduces.

Quintagroup offers all migration services, including migration of SimpleBlog product to Quills, Scrawl or any other blogging add-on for Plone 3. Our migration services are secure way to migrate your Plone 2 SimpleBlog-based blog to Plone 3.

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