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A Picture is Worth a 1000...

Words! Everyone knows this as-old-as-the-world-itself maxim - A picture is worth a thousand words. Out of five senses possessed by a human being, visual perception is obviously the crucial one. 95% of information is perceived primarily by our eyes, as the so called ‘binoculars’ by the help of which we are able to view the world around us. Scientists claim that our first impression about any object (be it an animate or inanimate one) is formed within the first 7 seconds of viewing it, so everything depends on the image we see and the emotions it evokes.

Visual perception as the key instrument of influence has, therefore, always attracted attention of scientists of various branches, because the result of the studies can be applied to virtually any scientific field - philosophy, psychology, physiology, medicine, arts, design as well as such a modern fast-evolving branch as web design. The global network is an excellent information tool that allows people to view the world from the screens of the monitors, i.e. through the images we see and process in our minds. Visual perception here is, therefore, one of the key influential strategies with graphic design being its tool that attracts users, promotes information and, of course, simply pleases the eye.

However, graphic design is in fact a multifaceted process that cannot be confined solely to image creation. Let’s discuss all the whys and hows, the benefits and possible mistakes that web designers might stumble upon.

Why Bothering About Graphic Design?

First, this is the importance of visual perception that makes a difference. But it has already been previously discussed, so another point of importance here is graphic design being actually the face of your website and generally of your business. A successful design decision can make your website stand out from all the other competitive ones in your business surroundings and attract the users from the first click of the mouse. However, while creating a design for your website you should take into account many factors - idea that you should stick to and the one that would represent your company in the best way possible, colors, shapes and forms that would strike the users’ attention and supplement the idea, and, last but not least, the content that would verbalize your idea, supplement your design and appeal directly to your prospective clients.

Design, Not Decoration

This is the rule that you should remember - despite such a striking importance of visual perception, you should always remember that design is only a beautiful frame that embellishes and supplements your IDEA, your aim and your content. It should go in line with the information you want to render to your audience. Yes, it is the design that makes the first impression, but the content is what makes you unique among the others.

However beautiful and bright your website is, mind that its role is only to make your business appealing to the audience. Representation of your brand, backing up and support - that’s what it’s all about. Design and content should work together like tunes in a melody - this is your success recipe.

Graphic Design - How To Make It Work For You

There are some key steps in developing the graphic design of your website that can make it work for your success:

  1. Define your idea - what is the main message you want to deliver to your audience? what are the emotions that you want to evoke? what is generally most important for your business?
  2. Think about your target audience - what is the age, gender and what are the needs of your prospective clients. When developing design solution for a website, let’s say, of a famous cosmetics company, you should remember that these are mostly women who are going to be the users of the website, so the colors should be bright and ‘feminine’...generally, the story of colors and other design secrets - that’s already the work of designers themselves, while our aim here is to make you understand that your audience is your main critic, so these are the peculiarities and requirements of your audience that you should take into account.
  3. Promote your brand - strategically and wisely built design solution is also a good advertising tool. Designers should first and foremost work on the issue of representing your brand in the best way possible. Users expect something catchy and interesting, something they can recognize from the crowd - and that’s the task of your designers to make it so.
  4. Be clear and consistent - people like both bright and clear design solutions. If they see something that is so much philosophically deep in your design that they simply cannot grasp it, they leave your website and browse for something more accessible. So make it understandable, easy to recognize and to remember. And, secondly, be consistent - try to keep to one design solution for all of the pages on your website so as not to baffle or confuse your users.
  5. Cooperate - in developing a web design for your website, a web designer should closely cooperate with the client in order to penetrate into all the subtleties of the client’s business and be able to create the design that would represent the client in the best way possible
  6. Improve your results - you should always remember that making a design is a creative process, so there’s no measure for its perfection. You should try to come up with something new whenever you feel that your audience needs it.

Quintagroup Graphic Design

What we actually offer is the graphic design solution that meets all the previously described requirements contributing to the success story of your business. If you really want to make your website work for you - contact us and order our services!

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